Financial Advisors Attention! With ekoSMMM, your office is in your pocket!

financial advisors attention, your office is in your pocket with ekosmmm
financial advisors attention, your office is in your pocket with ekosmmm

In order to facilitate the work of financial advisors, the hidden heroes of digital transformation, the cloud-based financial advisor software ekoSMMM, which technology giant Uyumsoft AŞ launched 5 years ago, continues to grow with the high demand it receives.

Financial advisors and accountants, who perform all their transactions from a single screen with the Revenue Administration (GIB) and e-Government integrations, manage their business in the form of end-to-end contactless trade, regardless of time and place, under the guidance of Uyumsoft. Thanks to ekoSMMM, which is offered free of charge by Uyumsoft, financial advisors and accountants carry their "office in their pocket" without going to their offices.

With Uyumsoft's practical receipt mobile application, they save time and operational burdens by transferring their receipts to digital instantly. With the Uyumsoft e-Office web and mobile application, they can make their taxpayers' declarations, all transactions related to RA and e-Government transactions online.

Accountants and financial advisors increase their productivity with digital transformation

The rapid change and transformation in technology is transforming everything from business life to private life. In this process, where technological developments are experienced rapidly and technology has come to the fore especially with the pandemic, it is of great importance for professions to use technology wisely and to rebuild business processes in order to work independently of location. kazanhe's eating. In the current period, accountants, financial advisors and financiers continue to increase their efficiency and productivity by using digital transformation technologies more effectively. With digitalization, especially e-Document (e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Waybill) applications, tasks that cause operational workload such as manual bookkeeping are no longer present in the accounting profession of the future, and the share of automation in the profession is eliminated. rising fast. In this process of change, the innovation leader of our country, Uyumsoft Information Systems and Technologies Inc., stands by the accountants and financial advisors and guides the end-to-end digital transformation of the profession. Professionals who seize the opportunities offered by technology under the leadership of Uyumsoft continue to achieve new successes in their business.

Uyumsoft's ecoSMMM Financial Advisor Software is in high demand

Web-based "ekoSMMM financial advisor software", developed by Uyumsoft with cloud technology, in order for financial advisors to provide end-to-end digital transformation, is in high demand by industry members. ekoSMMM is offered free of charge by Uyumsoft for accountants and financial advisors who bear the main burden of our country's financial processes. With ekoSMMM software, license fees and hardware costs come to an end. Thanks to the cloud, web and mobile nature of the product, professionals can access official accounting jobs quickly whenever they want, regardless of place, time or device, and do their jobs safely. One of the other important issues is that while all data is safely stored in the program, it is possible to carry out work without being affected by changes in legislation. There are many features such as multiple receipt entry, bank statement transfer in pdf and excel format, automatic mail and mass declaration and accrual submission. Thanks to its dynamic interfaces, ekoSMMM offers the opportunity to transact with more than one company at the same time. At the same time, ekoSMMM software has integration with relevant institutions and organizations such as the Revenue Administration (GİB), Social Security Institution (SGK), Interactive Tax Office, İşkur. Financial advisors using ekoSMMM can receive 7/24 support from Uyumsoft's digital transformation experts, learn the intricacies of using the program more efficiently with the free trainings of UyumAkademi, and ask the questions they are curious about.

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