Father's Day Message from Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation

father's day message from tcdd transportation general manager pezuk
father's day message from tcdd transportation general manager pezuk

The concept of mother and father means a lot in Turkish culture. Mothers say, “The female bird builds the nest.” As the saying goes, fathers are the pillar of that home, while they are seen as the greatest power that holds the family together.

The role of family and fathers is very important in the healthy development of societies and in raising future generations to be good children for the country and the nation. For this reason, in our Turkish culture, the role of a father who always protects and watches over his family, does not depend on anyone, and bears everything for his children, is our greatest social power and treasure.

When we lose our parents, who are the most valuable assets of our lives, we become almost orphans with our childhood that never grows inside us. Our precious poet Cemal Süreya in his poem; "Have you ever had your father die? I died once, I was blind, They washed it, they took it away, I didn't expect it from my father, I became blind." says. When fathers leave our lives as beings standing behind us like mountains, our arms and wings are broken and we become blind...

No matter how old we are, our parents always hold their most exceptional place in us as people who love us unconditionally on the path of life.

When we become parents, we guide our children and prepare them for life with the emotions that we learn from them, such as love and sacrifice, which enable us to be parents.

In short, the mother and father role of the family, which forms the core structure of the society, is the cornerstone of the society.

As I celebrate the Father's Day of all fathers, especially the fathers of martyrs, I wish mercy to the precious fathers of railwaymen and other fathers who passed away.

Hasan Pezuk
General Director of TCDD

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