Boris Volfman: Fruits and Vegetables Exports Passed the Pandemic Exam!

fruit and vegetable export
fruit and vegetable export

The coronavirus pandemic, which emerged in China towards the end of 2019 and affected the whole world in a few months, caused radical changes in many areas of life. Many of these changes were negative. Trade has undoubtedly taken the biggest blow from these changes in many areas, from cleaning habits to education, from the service sector to food, from human relations to working models. Global trade has shrunk significantly in 2020. Both large companies and small tradesmen have been hit in a way that cannot be recovered in a short time due to the pandemic. In fruit and vegetable exports, the situation is not so dark. food exporter Boris Wolfman He said that in 2020, Turkey significantly increased its income from fruit and vegetable exports.

Export revenue increased by 671 million dollars

Stating that fruit and vegetable exports constitute one of Turkey's largest export items, Boris Volfman said, “For this reason, a policy that is more efficient in agriculture and wants to get rid of foreign dependency is often tried to be followed. In 2019, the income obtained from fruit and vegetable exports to many countries of the world was dollars. In 2020, this figure increased by $671 million despite the pandemic and reached $7.932.499.362. One of the main reasons for this serious increase is that the whole world is closed to home with the pandemic and people need food products more. According to experts, due to various types of mutations, the pandemic process will continue to affect our world for the next few years. Based on this information, experts; They say that the income from fruit and vegetable exports will increase in the coming years. This forward-looking potential also paves the way for more individuals and companies to invest in agriculture.” said.

Russia and Germany stand out

Turkey made the largest fruit and vegetable export to Germany, a European country, with an income of 2019 dollars in 1.039.379.494. Germany is one of the biggest commercial partners of Turkey in the field of fruits and vegetables, as in many other fields. Russia is in the second place with 805.135.148 dollars, which buys food from Turkey, although there are fluctuations from time to time due to political tensions. Italy, which is also a European country, ranks third with 760.650.625 dollars.

Stating that there is no change in the table when it comes to 2020, Boris Volfman said, “Just like in 2019, Germany ranks first with 1.174.455.689 dollars. Russia is in second place with dollars. Italy is in third place with 615.185.276 dollars. When the data is carefully examined, it can be clearly observed that there is a serious increase in the income obtained from fruit and vegetable exports to Germany and Russia. Income from exports to Italy, on the other hand, has declined to a large extent. Apart from the top three countries in fruit and vegetable exports, states such as Iraq, the USA and the United Kingdom also have an important place in Turkey's food exports. he said.

Strengthening in new markets

Adding that Turkey has been very successful in exporting fruits and vegetables to countries that are geographically close to it, Boris Volfman said, “It is also a country that is quite frequently preferred for many western developed countries. However, it still has not reached a sufficient level in its exports to many parts of the world. It is essential for it to become a major player in the markets of countries where it is not yet present or to which it exports very weakly, through various advertising, marketing and promotional activities. With its potential and agricultural production power, the pandemic process is very important for Turkey. If this process can be evaluated correctly, Turkey can hold on to parts of Africa that it has not yet reached sufficiently, Far Asia and various countries of South America. This will ensure that the income from fruit and vegetable exports will double in the coming years.” said.

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