Ankara YHT Station Passenger Guarantee Didn't Hold Again, The State Will Pay Money

ankara yht gari passenger guarantee did not hold again, the state will pay money
ankara yht gari passenger guarantee did not hold again, the state will pay money

Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Station continues to grind dollars due to passenger guarantee. 2020 million passengers were guaranteed in 5, but the number of passengers remained at 740 thousand. For passengers who do not use the station in 2020, the Treasury will pay an additional $7.5 million to the contractor company.

SözcüAccording to the news of Deniz AYHAN inAnkara High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) Station, which was built with a public-private partnership (PPP) project and opened on October 29, 2016, continues to be a burden on the citizens due to the passenger guarantee. In 2020, 5 million passengers were guaranteed for Ankara Train Station, but the number of passengers remained at 740 thousand. Payment will be made to the contractor company due to non-arriving passengers. In this context, it was stated that the Treasury will pay 7.5 million dollars to the contractor Cengiz-Kolin-Limak partnership.

8 Million Passengers

Due to the passenger guarantee, 3 million 13 thousand 852 dollars came out of the state's coffers in 545 years for the station. Since 2016, 14 million dollars have been paid for the train station under warranty. If the annual passenger guarantee does not hold at the train station, the company is paid 1.5 dollars for each passenger. If the guarantee holds, the payment is 50 cents for each passenger. Within the scope of the contract, 2 million passengers were guaranteed for the first 2 years, 2 million for the next 5 years, 4 million each for the next 8 years and 9 million passengers for the 14-10 years.

In a statement to SÖZCÜ, IYI Party Denizli Deputy Yasin Öztürk said, “While the state asks for a license for the citizens to build the smallest building, they are building slums. The construction of the Ankara station in the heart of the huge capital was tolerated before the building permit was issued. There is money from the Treasury for the passenger who goes to the YHT station and for the passenger who does not. The Black Train was delaying, maybe not coming at all. The high-speed train is coming, but while it is coming, it works for 5 of the famous 3's and empties the Treasury.


$21 Million Payments Made in Four Years

Cengiz Kolin-Limak partnership guaranteed 2016 million passengers for the Ankara YHT Station in the 2017-2 period, and when 2 million 207 thousand 230 passengers arrived, 3 million 103 thousand 615 dollars was paid. According to the guarantee of 2017 million in the 2018-2 period, 2 million 497 thousand 861 passengers arrived and 3 million 248 thousand 930 dollars were given to the company. In 2018-2019, 5 million passengers were not guaranteed, and another 7 million 500 thousand dollars was paid. 2020 million passengers were guaranteed for the 2021-5 period, but it did not meet the target because 740 thousand people used it. By 2020, the amount paid for the passenger guarantee will reach 21 million 352 thousand dollars.

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