Air Traffic Controllers Completing Their Training Received Their Diplomas

air traffic controllers who completed their training received their diplomas
air traffic controllers who completed their training received their diplomas

Having successfully completed their training at the DHMI Aviation Academy, air traffic controllers received their diplomas and started their duties.

Air traffic controllers, who will work in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) units of airports in Turkey, will be trained at DHMI Aviation Academy 2-2019, which started on 127 December 128. completed their first semester basic air traffic control training on June 4, 2021.

Although most of the trainings coincided with the pandemic period, the application training continued in accordance with the conditions in the Ministry of Health Covid Guide.

70 trainee air traffic controllers graduated from the course, in which the theoretical training was carried out by distance education method, and was entitled to receive a diploma.

At the ceremony held at DHMI General Directorate, Deputy General Managers İsmail Seray Mürey and Enes Çakmak, Head of Human Resources Department Çiğdem Güvenç, Head of Aviation Training Department Sinan Yıldız, Head of Aviation Emergency Aid and Security Department Mehmet Mahir Demirkazık and Deputy Head of Air Navigation Department Rıdvan Çinkılıç. was present.

Speaking at the ceremony, our Deputy General Manager İsmail Seray Mürey stated that he started his career as a 41st term graduate and said: “Air traffic controller is one of the three most difficult professions in the world. People's lives are at stake in this profession. Air traffic control is a highly respected profession all over the world. Know the value of your job. If there is anything you want to ask and learn, both your teachers and us managers are always with you. Good luck in your life.”

Deputy General Manager Enes Çakmak congratulated all the trainees who successfully completed a challenging training process. Çakmak, who said that he visited the towers in five different cities where the trainings were given, said that he personally witnessed how difficult and difficult the process was. Expressing that airports are the winged doors of our country to the world, Çakmak said, “You have a lot of work here. Because in this process, the most difficult task is yours. So you have to be very careful. May God open your way. I wish you success both in your job and in your future life. Good luck and good luck.” he said.

After the speeches, the diploma ceremony started. Term winner Furkan Talip Yılmaz and Refik Behlül Çay presented their diplomas to Deputy General Manager Enes Çakmak. Second term, Musa Karadağ and Talip Fırfır received their diplomas from Deputy General Manager İsmail Selay Mürey. Ayşenur Dereköy and Fatih Kardaş, who took the third place in the term, were presented their diplomas by Sinan Yıldız, Head of Education Department.

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