Centennial Bridge Problem Ended in Acıpayam

century old bridge problem in acipayam is over
century old bridge problem in acipayam is over

The wooden bridge on the Dalaman Stream, which was on the verge of collapsing and crashed from time to time, was renewed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Noting that their 100-year-old troubles are over, Muhtar said, "The bridges have become a legend for our village."

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has made another investment that will save lives in the Acıpayam District of Acıpayam District. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which modernized the wooden Hüsniye Bridge, which was on the verge of collapse on the Değne branch of the Dalaman Stream, brought its hand to the Süratı Bridge, which was on the verge of demolition in the same region and where accidents occurred because it collapsed from time to time. It was stated that in the past, the Sucati Bridge, which was made of wood with the efforts of the local people, was frequently repaired due to heavy vehicles passing over it, it was damaged especially when the waters rose and it witnessed life-threatening events. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which started renovation work on the bridge last March, built a modern reinforced concrete bridge with a length of 46 meters, a width of 5 meters and a height of 7,5 meters at the same point.

Muhtar Yatgın: "There would be a lot of accidents"

Erol Yatgın, the headman of the district, said that the 100-year-old bridge problems were solved with the investment of the Metropolitan Municipality. Noting that the river divides the neighborhood into two and therefore the bridge is of vital importance for them, Yatgın said, “There used to be many accidents on these old bridges. We used to build our bridges with our own means. We conveyed the problem to our Metropolitan Mayor, Osman Zolan, and with God's permission, we had a bridge that befits our village. We cannot thank enough our fellow workers, our engineer friends, our Mayor of Acıpayam, and our Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan. This is a service that finds its place,” he said. Stating that the old bridge collapsed due to the weight of the vehicles and that there were accidents from time to time, Yatgın said, "These bridges have become a legend for our village."

Mayor Zolan: “We will bring another work to our city. kazanwe nagged”

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they continue to strive for a happier, peaceful and safer life for citizens. Stating that the renewal of the Sucati Bridge is an essential need, Mayor Zolan noted that they immediately started working upon the demand from the citizens, and said, “We continue to add beauty to the beauty of Denizli and to fulfill the demands of our citizens. Thank God we have one more work for our city. kazanWe are happy to climb. Our citizens can now cross the bridge in safety and peace. May Allah grant us to use it without any accident, good luck and good luck. Don't stop, continue to work and serve our citizens," he said.

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