Renewed Toyota Camry Launched in Turkey

The renewed toyota camry is on sale in turkey
The renewed toyota camry is on sale in turkey

Toyota's prestigious model in the E segment, the Camry, has been renewed and has a more dynamic design and is equipped with new technologies. The renewed Camry was offered for sale in Turkey with prices starting from 998 thousand TL.

The Toyota Camry, which was first offered for sale in 1982, received great acclaim in a short time and managed to win numerous awards. Sold in more than 100 countries globally, the Camry has sold over 19 million units to date. With annual sales of over 700 thousand, the Camry continues to be the best-selling large sedan in the world.

Camry, which is in a strong position with its design, comfort, safety and hybrid technology, has taken its perfectionist line one step further with its renewed, more dynamic design and updated technologies. The Camry Hybrid stands out as a product of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) design and engineering philosophy. While TNGA reveals its fun driving character, the Camry model is complemented by superior production quality, reliability and safety. By combining its powerful 2.5-liter engine with a self-charging hybrid electric system, the Camry Hybrid produces 218 HP and stands out as a unique option in its segment.

The revamped Camry Hybrid retains the segment-leading quality, robustness and reliability, quietness and ride quality that have so far been its core values, with a more elegant and dynamic front design, revised 18-inch bi-colour alloy wheels and new exterior colours.

Camry Hybrid will be available in Turkey with Passion hardware option. Among the prominent features in the hardware options; 9” Toyota Touch touchscreen infotainment screen with navigation and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), fully electric seats, steering wheel and side mirror settings, driver compartment with memory, heated/cooled front seats, heated rear side seats and steering wheel, There will be a rear seat comfort module that allows rear passengers to adjust air conditioning, music settings, and a mirrored display screen on the windscreen.

More elegant and dynamic design

The renewed Camry Hybrid stands out with its renewed front bumper, upper and lower grilles, dynamism and a much more prestigious design. A lower, wider and bolder front section has been achieved with the widening of the center section extending from the hood to the bumper and the design changes made to the bumper corners. By extending the lower grille slats further to the sides, the vehicle has been provided with a wider stance.

With the newly designed bi-colour 18-inch wheels, the sporty feel of the vehicle is further emphasized. In addition, dark spokes on the wheels with V-shaped details support the agile and dynamic stance. In the stop group, a more elegant appearance was achieved with a comprehensive color change. The renewed Camry Hybrid can also be preferred in elegant Titanium Silver-Grey and metallic Exotic Red color options, which will be used for the first time in the Toyota product range.

Newer technologies in the cabin

The Camry Hybrid, which has an interior that is already praised for its comfort, spaciousness and rear passenger living space in the cabin, also draws attention with its new colors and upholstery. However, in the cabin of the renewed Camry, there is a larger and higher 9-inch central screen, which offers new connectivity features. A new touchscreen infotainment display located in the center console provides a better view and easier operation.

The touch screen, along with the mechanical and rotary buttons, provides easy operation in all driving conditions, while the updated infotainment system offers faster screen responses with faster running software. In addition, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connection systems, phones can be easily connected.

With these technological updates, the Camry Hybrid can be preferred with newly developed Beige and Black Premium leather seat upholstery. Together with the herringbone patterns used in the seats, seat ventilation is carried out more efficiently.

Enhanced Toyota Safety Sense systems

The renewed Toyota Camry Hybrid is equipped with the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense systems. Combined with a range of active safety technologies, it prevents or reduces the severity of traffic accidents in many different situations. With these new features, the Camry Hybrid is made safer than ever before.

New features have been added to the Forward Collision Avoidance System (PCS) on the Camry Hybrid. These include features such as daytime leading vehicle detection, Emergency Steering Assist System (ESA) and Junction Avoidance System.

Working with Full Range Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), it can easily adapt its speed to traffic signs.

Another feature, Lane Keeping System (LTA), keeps the vehicle on the road and in the middle of the lane, applying power to the steering wheel when necessary, ensuring that the Camry does not go off the road. In the artificial intelligence supported LTA system, lanes can be detected more precisely and reactivate more quickly after a lane change.

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