SGK Bridge Junction Reached 60 Percent Level

SSI bridge junction reached percent level
SSI bridge junction reached percent level

60 percent of the SGK Bridge Interchange project, which will contribute greatly to the city traffic, has been completed. Mayor Yüce said, “We have completed a large part of our project, which will be a big step for the city's traffic network. Hopefully, our region will soon reach a modern intersection, and the transportation network to 3 districts will be relieved," he said. Within the scope of the work carried out, the bridge piers and retaining walls were completed, and the decking process was started.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its projects uninterruptedly to relieve the transportation networks of the city. In particular, an important step has been taken in the construction of the SGK Bridge Interchange project in Adapazarı, which will greatly relieve the Adapazarı, Serdivan and Erenler transportation routes. 60 percent of the bridge construction process has been completed. According to the information received from the Department of Science Affairs, the construction of all the bridge piers and Hızırtepe connection roads has finally been completed. Making a statement about the latest situation in the project, President Ekrem Yüce said that the level adjustments were made for the roads and the decking process of the crossroads would start soon.

“The bridge legs are finished, the decking process begins”

Stating that the bridge piers have been completed and the decking process has begun, Chairman Yüce said, “We have reached serious points in the works we started for a project worthy of our Sakarya. We have completed 60 percent of our SGK Köprülü Interchange project, which will completely eliminate the transportation problem of the region. We built 24 meters long retaining walls for our interchange with a width of 33 meters and a span of 700 meters. We have completed our pavement and rainwater lines. With our latest work, we have completely built our bridge piers. After completing the Hızırtepe connection roads, we started the bridge deck. Hopefully, we will complete the construction of our connection roads on that side in a short time.” said.

“The traffic of Adapazarı, Serdivan and Erenler will be relieved”

Expressing that the traffic of Adapazarı, Erenler and Serdivan will be relieved thanks to the project, Mayor Yüce said, “This burden has been on our city's shoulders for years. We will ensure that the traffic of Erenler, Serdivan and Adapazarı flow faster with this work we do in the region where the traffic is heavy every day. We will arrive at our work earlier and serve our nation and state. We will shorten the waiting time in traffic, save fuel and protect our national wealth. We will welcome our guests who come to our city with a modern city entrance. I believe that it will be both beautiful and the problem that has been going on for years will be resolved quickly. SGK Junction represents a spider web. This is the main point of this network. Hopefully, this intersection will be a role model for future intersections. As we see this junction, we will feel that our city has new modern junctions. I hope that the new modern intersection will bring blessings to our city and our nation.” he said.

When the construction of the bridge junction, landscaping and social areas is completed, it will be put into service of the citizens.

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