Free Internet Era Begins in Izmir Trams

Free internet period begins in izmir trams
Free internet period begins in izmir trams

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is now implementing the free internet access service offered in the public areas of the city in the field of public transportation. As of tomorrow, free and quota-free internet service will be offered to passengers on the trams serving in the city.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its practices aimed at increasing the quality of life of citizens. In this context, Wizmirnet free internet service is also being expanded. The Metropolitan Municipality facilitated free internet access for passengers on the trams that serve hundreds of thousands of people in the city. According to this, internet will be available free of charge as of 30 June on all trams serving on Halkapınar-Fahrettin Altay, Ataşehir-Alaybey and Alsancak port viaducts and Cumhuriyet Square routes.

How to connect?

In order to benefit from the wireless application, the WizmirNET wireless network name must be selected from the device to which the internet connection will be made and the "Register" button must be clicked on the login page. By entering the desired information, you can start using the internet with the password sent to the phone. When desired, a new password can be created with the "Change Password" button on the top menu on the WizmirNET connection status page.

Free internet was previously implemented in ferries and buses serving on the route of universities. Wizmirnet provides free, quota and barrier-free service at 69 park squares, 19 ferries, 7 piers, 60 university routes and 71 Education Information Network (EBA) points.

Addresses where free internet is used can be accessed from the link

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