Don't Risk Your Safety in Traffic With Fake Headlights

Do not risk your safety in traffic with fake headlights
Do not risk your safety in traffic with fake headlights

A superior view is one of the most important criteria for driving safety. Visibility is vital for safety, especially when driving at night. Reminding that drivers should be careful against poor quality, short-lived, fake headlights, OSRAM reminds that fake headlights can cause vision problems and even accidents.

OSRAM, one of the world's leading technology companies, mentions the effects of headlights on driving safety and warns drivers to be careful about fake headlights. Can Driver, OSRAM Turkey Automotive Sales Manager, states that fake headlight lamps can create a great risk for drivers, vehicles and pedestrians in traffic.

More costly over its lifetime

Stating that fake or non-E-certified lamps with unbalanced light, different colors and inconsistent brightness can cause temporary blindness risk for drivers and pedestrians in traffic, Can Driver said, “Using non-original headlights is putting both your own life and the lives of other drivers and pedestrians in traffic in danger. Headlight lamps that do not meet the standards in production and that have not undergone quality and safety tests can also cause a short circuit in the vehicle, causing many systems of the vehicle to malfunction and even to burn the vehicle. Fake headlight lamps, which offer a very short lifespan compared to the original, are more expensive than the original during their lifetime with constantly renewed purchase costs, and also bring safety risks in traffic.” said.

Broken headlights lead to traffic tickets

Stating that the headlights are an important safety criterion in traffic and that the law enforcement does not compromise on this issue, Can Driver said, “The headlight adjustments are checked during the compulsory inspections of the vehicles, and the vehicles that cannot pass this control cannot get on the road. In addition, the headlights that suddenly break down in traffic cause you to get traffic tickets. All these penalties can be eliminated by using the original headlight lamp, traffic and life safety can be ensured. As OSRAM, we offer a guarantee of up to 10 years on our products, depending on the model and usage habits. After dozens of safety and compliance tests, we put it on sale. Thus, we contribute to safe driving and traffic safety.”

The authenticity of OSRAM products can be easily checked on the website with a QR code.

Aiming to protect its customers from low-quality, short-lived counterfeit products, OSRAM launched the OSRAM Trust Program in 2015. As of December 2015, 1, all 2019-pack Halogen and Xenon OSRAM products were added to the Trust Program, which started in 2 with light bulbs produced with HID Xenon technology. The authenticity of the product can be easily ensured by scanning the security bands and QR codes on the renewed OSRAM product boxes or by querying the 7-digit product code of the product on the website.

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