Body Parts of Russia's First Luxury Segment Vehicle From Turkish Manufacturer

body parts of luxury segment vehicle from turkish manufacturer
body parts of luxury segment vehicle from turkish manufacturer

Coşkunöz Holding, the giant name of the Turkish automotive industry, is the largest local supplier of Aurus, Russia's first luxury car. The mass production of the car, which Russia attaches great importance to, started with a ceremony held on Monday, May 31.

Coşkunöz Holding, which brought its success in the Turkish automotive industry to Russia about 10 years ago and started mass production in 2014 in the Alabuga Free Economic Zone of the Republic of Tatarstan affiliated to the Russian Federation, was among the main manufacturers in the production of Aurus cars, one of the prestige projects of Russia. . Mass production of Aurus cars in the luxury segment started with a magnificent ceremony held in Tatarstan on Monday, May 31. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony via video conference and gave a message of support.

President of Tatarstan Rüstem Minnihanov, Russian Federation Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, and Aurus General Director Adil Şirinov from the Sollers Ford joint venture, which is the manufacturer of the automobile, attended the opening ceremony, representing Coşkunöz Holding, CEO Erdem Acay.

The Aurus project was implemented under the leadership of the Russian Automotive and Engine Research Institute NAMI. NAMI is also the major shareholder of the project. Ford Sollers has undertaken the production of the project, in which the Emirates Tawazun Fund from the United Arab Emirates is involved as an investor partner.

'Historical' message from Putin

Participating in the ceremony via video conference, Vladimir Putin noted that for the first time in Russia's history, a luxury car family was designed and produced from scratch, emphasizing the value of the Aurus project for the country's industry. Pointing out that he also drove this car and got behind the wheel himself, Putin continued his words by saying, “Aurus is really a good and high-quality car that meets world standards.”

Ford Sollers and Aurus General Director Adil Şirinov stated that their main focus is export within the framework of their new investment with an annual production capacity of 5 thousand units. Within the scope of the Aurus project, it is planned to produce vehicles in different categories, from limousines to sedans, from SUVs to minivans. The automobiles, whose production is targeted to be exported at a rate of 70 percent in the first stage and 80 percent in the next stage, are expected to be showcased very soon.

'A cooperation with great symbolic value for us'

It has large investments in the Alabuga Free Economic Zone of the Tatarstan Republic of the Russian Federation and currently cooperates with world giants such as Mercedes-Benz, PCMA (Peugeot-Citroen-Mitsubishi), RNPO (Renault-Nissan), Volkswagen, as well as Russian KAMAZ. Coşkunöz Holding will supply many body parts of Aurus cars.

Commenting on the mass production of Aurus, Coşkunöz Holding CEO Erdem Acay draws attention to the fact that the new project means a lot to them in terms of prestige. “As Coşkunöz, we are very happy and proud to be a part of this investment. Acay, who started his words by saying, “This is a project that we attach great importance to,” continues: “When we were positioned in the Alabuga Free Economic Zone, we anticipated that the automotive industry would direct its route to this region. We became one of the leading suppliers of the region by adding new brands to our production adventure that started with Ford here. We have signed long-term agreements with our commitment to quality products and zero errors. It was exciting for us to take part in such an important project in terms of history as well as prestige. With our Coşkunöz Alabuga company located in the region, we will produce all molds and serial sheet metal parts for limousine, SUV and MPV models of Aurus brand vehicles. “We think these cars will enter the automotive market as a strong player and reshape the competition in the luxury vehicle category.”

Reminding that they have made an investment of approximately 60 million Euros in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, Acay states that they aim to make a new investment of 2021 million Euros for 2022 and 15, thus expanding their investment geographies in Russia.

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