ASELSAN Suggests KORKUT for Ukraine's Air Defense

Aselsan proposes scare for Ukraine's air defense
Aselsan proposes scare for Ukraine's air defense

Aselsan wants to offer its own air defense systems to Ukraine. According to the news of Ukraine-based Defense Express, at the Arms & Security arms fair to be held in Kiev next week, Turkish company Aselsan announced that it wants to negotiate the potential sale of self-propelled air defense system Korkut to the Ukrainian army.

Aselsan said in a statement, “Aselsan offers the Ukrainian Armed Forces a battle-proven solution for air defense that meets all operational and tactical requirements.r,” he said.


One battery consists of three Korkut self-propelled low-altitude air defense systems and a Korkut command and control vehicle with search radar. The search radar MAR can detect air targets at a maximum range of 70 km. Korkut can work integrated with other air defense systems in the layered air defense network.

In this project, the TAF's air defense capabilities will be strengthened with new barreled air defense systems that can also use particle ammunition in order to effectively defend against developments in threats. The Fire Control Radar, which will enable the target to be under fire with precision in the SSA, and the three-dimensional mobile search radar, which will detect the targets in the KKA, are being developed in accordance with tactical needs. This amphibious system will greatly increase the strength of the TAF in the field of air defense.

KORKUT System is an air defense system developed for the effective realization of air defense of mobile elements and mechanized units. KORKUT System will operate in teams consisting of 3 Weapon System Vehicles (SSA) and 1 Command and Control Vehicle (KKA). KORKUT-SSA has the ability to fire 35 mm Particulate Ammunition, also developed by ASELSAN. Particulate Ammunition; It allows 35 mm air defense guns to perform their duties effectively against current air targets such as air-to-surface missiles, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Korkut is built on the FNSS production ZPTP platform. The gun is MKEK production.

KKA General Features

  • Joint mission execution with armored mechanized units
  • Target detection and tracking with 3-dimensional search radar
  • Sharing aerial image with the upper command control element
  • Receiving engagement orders from the higher command control element
  • Advanced threat assessment and weapon allocation algorithm
  • Top command control of air defense weapons
  • IFF for Friend/Unknown Distinction
  • Ability to assume command control of 3 KORKUT Weapon System Vehicles
  • Perform threat assessment and weapon allocation by creating a local aerial picture
  • Operation in coordination with high-level command and control elements
  • Integrated IFF System
  • Command and control functions and interfaces adaptable to different needs

SSA General Features

  • Joint mission execution with armored mechanized units
  • Shooting on the move with the stabilized gun turret
  • Automatic ammunition feeding and selection
  • Coordinated use with the upper command control element
  • Automatic target tracking with fire control radar
  • Target detection and tracking with electro-optical sensors
  • Effective air defense with advanced fire control algorithms
  • - Stabilized gun turret capable of shooting in motion
  •  Precise target tracking with Integrated Tracking Platform with Fire Control Radar and E/O sensors
  • 35 mm KDC-02 type double-barreled weapon system with high firepower (1100 rounds / minute)
  • Automatic Stripless Ammunition Feeding Mechanism (OSMBM) that allows two different types of ammunition to be loaded at the same time and the preferred ammunition to be fired at any time
  • Effective execution of air defense mission against fixed/rotary wing aircraft, air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles with the use of Particulate Munitions
  • Operation under high-level command control coordination
  • Advanced fire control algorithms

Source: defenceturk

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