Artificial Reef Areas Are Determined in Fethiye Underwater History Park Project

Artificial Reef Areas Are Determined in Fethiye Underwater History Park Project
Artificial Reef Areas Are Determined in Fethiye Underwater History Park Project

Fethiye Underwater Historical Park Project, where Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO) was entitled to receive a 1 million TL grant from the South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) in order to revive diving tourism and host tens of thousands of sea creatures, A meeting was held to determine the artificial reef areas where the objects will be lowered to the seabed. At the meeting, attended by representatives of Fethiye diving school, 6 points came to the fore, mainly Rabbit Island, Azizağa and Sarıyarlar Bay, for the realization of the project.

Fethiye Deputy Mayor Oğuz Bolelli, Fethiye District Agriculture and Forestry Director Şaban Sarıkaya, FTSO Deputy Chairman of the Board Mete Ay, Kemal Hıra, FTSO Board Member Emre Başaran, FTSO Secretary General Ezgi Kullukçu, Fethiye diving school attended the meeting held at the FTSO Lycia Hall. and fisheries industry representatives.

'Recommendations for areas suitable for artificial reefs were collected'

Scientific advisor of the project, Prof. from Ege University Faculty of Fisheries. Dr. Altan Lok and Assoc. Dr. At the meeting, where Aytaç Özgül was a speaker, the opinions of the diving school representatives were taken. Stating that they need points with a suitable depth, low slope and solid ground for immersing historical objects, Prof. Dr. Altan Lök asked the diving school representatives to show the appropriate places on the map.

At the meeting, where many areas in and around Fethiye Bay were evaluated verbally, it was stated that the most suitable areas for the realization of the project were Tavşan Island, Azizağa and Sarıyarlar Bay. Diving school representatives agreed that the artificial reefs to be built at these points would be permanent and suitable for diving, and stated that this project would make very positive contributions to diving tourism.

'We are ready to work in coordination with diving schools'

The representatives of the fishing industry, whose opinions were taken at the meeting, said that the Rabbit Island area is the hunting area for fishermen from Fethiye. Stressing that the implementation of the project does not pose a problem for them, the fishermen noted that they are ready to work in coordination with diving schools in case an artificial reef is created in a region where they hunt.

Noting that they will start dredging at 3 points determined in line with the recommendations of the diving school representatives, Prof. Dr. Altan Lök, on the other hand, said that the feasibility of 3 more points will be investigated in order to expand the project in the coming years. prof. Dr. Lök shared the results and analyzes of the 6 dive sites to be scanned in the first stage with all stakeholders, emphasizing that the final decision would be made in the future.

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