İnci Akü Selected as Turkey's Most Valuable Battery Brand

İnci Aku was chosen as the most valuable battery brand in Turkey.
İnci Aku was chosen as the most valuable battery brand in Turkey.

The "Turkey's Most Valuable Brands – Turkey 100" study, which is carried out every year by the international brand valuation company Brand Finance, has been announced. İnci Akü, the world's energy expert, continues to be Turkey's most valuable battery brand, taking its place in the top 100 list this year as well.

Brand Finance, an international independent brand valuation company that has been providing services on brand positions, strategies and investments since 1996 and drawing attention with its transparent research, has announced its 14th 'Turkey's Most Valuable and Most Powerful Brands' list. İnci Akü, the locomotive brand of İnci Holding, a well-established company in the automotive supply industry in Turkey, and İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of the world's battery giant Japanese GS Yuasa, has maintained its place in the list since 2013, maintaining the title of "Turkey's most valuable battery brand". İnci Akü, the only battery brand in the list, continues to lead the sector with its consumer-oriented approach and new technologies it has developed.

Cihan Elbirlik, Director of the Executive Board of İnci GS Yuasa, stated that he is proud and happy with the achievements of İnci Akü in its fields and continued as follows: “We have a team that works meticulously at every stage from R&D to production, from marketing to sales and after-sales activities. We aim to meet the changing needs with new products and services that we constantly develop, and we try to offer the best with our customer and solution-oriented approach. As İnci Akü, we evaluate the advantages of technology in the most correct way. We maintain our leadership in the sector with the achievements we have achieved in line with our vision of being the most trusted energy storage company. We are proud of being included in the top 100 list every year in the work of a valuable institution like Brand Finance with the brand value we have created.”

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