TCDD Halkalı Improves Lands That Do Not Have Pasture Qualities in Kapıkule High Speed ​​Line

TCDD ring Kapikule reclaims lands that do not have pasture qualification on the high speed train line
TCDD ring Kapikule reclaims lands that do not have pasture qualification on the high speed train line

Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD) Halkalı- On the Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train line, it improves the lands that do not have pasture qualification Hundreds of square meters of land in Tekirdağ Karamehmet-Ergene is turned into a pasture area for the use of the villagers.

The filling materials from the High Speed ​​Train line, which is under construction in the region, are brought to a level where the animals can graze by filling the rugged lands that do not have the character of pasture. TCDD provides great support to animal husbandry in the region with these studies.

Studies conducted with experts of the universities were welcomed by the animal breeders living in the region. TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said, “We will bring the Thrace region together with high-speed trains. While doing these works, we provide services to our villagers and farmers. We create pasture areas for animal breeders. We build ecological bridges for wildlife. "We are conducting a meticulous work integrated with nature," he said.

After the land topography is corrected in the pasture works, soil protection measures are taken and vegetable culture soil is laid in this area and perennial forage plants are planted and returned to nature. kazanyelled. In addition to making the rough terrain of the region accessible, water transmission and engineering structures are also built to prevent flooding in the region during heavy rains.

Among the main pasture improvement studies carried out;

  • Pasture areas with poor land topography are corrected and use is made possible.
  • With the project, it is predicted that the yield in the rangelands will increase five times.
  • With the project, high-quality feed crops with higher nutritional value are planted.
  • Meat and milk yields are increased with improved pastures.
  • Thanks to breeding, plant-based poisoning of animals is prevented.
  • Erosion control is provided.
  • In the rehabilitated pastures, old troughs are removed and new troughs are built.
  • At the same time, the reclamation project becomes a micro-catchment reclamation study.

With the project, not only agricultural lands will be protected, but also the protection of natural life will be ensured by not preventing animal mobility with four ecological bridges and crossings to be built.

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