Veteran Wagon Became 'Bridge of Hearts'

veteran wagon has become a heartbreaker
veteran wagon has become a heartbreaker

An idle wagon in Trabzon became a bridge for students. The wagon placed on the stream in Maçka district connected the primary school with the main road.

It carried passengers between Istanbul and Kocaeli for many years, and the day has come to an end. The veteran wagon, designed as a bridge, will now serve students in Trabzon. The wagon placed on the Maçka Stream was named 'Gönül Bridge'.

Maçka Mayor Koray Koçhan said about the bridge, “We will bring the students together with the school. What kind of a bridge, we said that the bond between the student and the school is a bond of affection. We wanted this bridge to be called 'Heart Bridge' ”he said.

A library will also be built

The bridge facilitated the transportation of Ce-Zi-Ne Kardeşler Primary School students and teachers.

School Principal Yüksel Gülen, on the other hand, said that it was a project made for children to reach the school more easily and said, “Children usually passed by the university when they came to school. The car was also passing there, there was a problem, ”he said.

It is also planned to build a library for children in the "Bridge of Hearts", which will also contribute to Maçka tourism.

Source: TRT News / Ahmet Can

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