Domestic Lithium Battery Will Catch Turkey's Automobile TOGG

domestic lithium battery will catch up with Turkey's automobile togga
domestic lithium battery will catch up with Turkey's automobile togga

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, which continues its activities with the aim of ending foreign dependency in energy, this time gives Turkey a strategic advantage in the field of energy storage. kazanIt has had great success with lithium.

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, announced that the lithium, which is being produced in Eskişehir Kırka, has passed the tests carried out by ASPİLSAN Energy, which is owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.

Passed the Domestic Lithium Exam

Explaining that the lithium produced by Eti Maden was successfully tested by ASPİLSAN, one of the largest battery manufacturers in Turkey, Dönmez said, “The lithium with 99,5% purity obtained from boron waste was characterized by ASPİLSAN Energy and tested in lithium battery cells. "In the first tests, the high current capability required by high power battery cells was tested, and it was determined that it had the same performance as its commercial counterparts."

Pointing out that Turkey's boron ore will energize Turkey's high-tech products, Dönmez said, “We want to use the lithium we produce in Kırka Facilities in the storage areas of smart technologies such as mobile devices, tablets and computers, including our domestic car TOGG. Thus, we will make an important contribution to the increase in the rate of localization in advanced technologies, ”he said.

Annual Target is 600 Tons When the Facility Is Full Capacity

Dönmez explained that when the foundation of the lithium production facility was laid, it was planned to produce 10 tons per year in the first place, and said, “When the facility was put into operation at full capacity, we set a production target of 600 tons per year. "This production figure corresponds to half of Turkey's annual lithium production need."

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