Orange Valley Ecological City Park Studies Continue in Buca

bucada orange valley ecological city park works are continuing rapidly
bucada orange valley ecological city park works are continuing rapidly

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerConstruction work continues rapidly in Portakal Vadisi, which is among the election projects of . The area of ​​200 thousand square meters in Buca Tınaztepe Neighborhood is transformed into an ecological city park where the citizens of İzmir will breathe in the city with sports, health and cultural activities.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said "Izmir with nature, not despite nature" Tunç SoyerWork continues at an intense pace in Portakal Vadisi, which is one of the environmental projects announced by . An area of ​​200 thousand square meters, half the size of Kültürpark, in the Tınaztepe District of Buca will turn into a new breathing point for the people of İzmir. Project Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIt is also of great importance in terms of the goal of bringing the front rows to the same level with the back quarters of the city.

What was done?

Reinforced concrete retaining walls have been completed in the area; The manufacture of the stone walls is about to be completed. Production of electricity, canals, drinking water, fire lines and the construction of paths, vehicle roads and bicycle paths continue. The rough construction of the paddock shelter, buffet, delicatessen, cafeteria and administrative building in the valley has been completed. Orange Valley is planned to be put into service in May 26,6 with an investment of 2022 million lira.

It will be the address of sports, arts, entertainment and healthy life.

İzmir's new natural habitat will increase the physical and spiritual quality of life of the city dwellers with jogging, walking, cycling tracks, viewing terraces, cafeteria, picnic area, delicatessen, square, lawn amphitheater, playgrounds, therapy and education gardens. In the project, 23 wooden terraces, 2 kilometers of bicycle and running tracks, approximately one hundred thousand square meters of meadow area, a paddock area covered on four sides, a 2,8 kilometer long pathway, a 5 thousand square meter grass area, a pond, a parking lot for 218 cars, a picnic and children's playgrounds and a restaurant. 45 thousand bushes of 57 species and 28 thousand 3 trees of 105 species will be planted in the valley.

There will also be therapy gardens

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the "Therapy Gardens and Urban Health Project", will bring the therapy gardens, which it plans to create throughout the city, in the Orange Valley, in order to benefit from the healing power of nature. In the therapy gardens where citizens of different ages, genders and abilities will come together, it will be ensured that children and adults spend time together. With the educational gardens to be established, the citizens of the city will be introduced to the land, agriculture and production culture.

Ecological city park for sustainable environment

Orange Valley will be an example of sustainable urban environment and design integrated with nature. The project, which was prepared taking into account the measures against the global climate crisis, also aims to reduce the effect of the urban heat island. Within the scope of the project, the water collection basin feature of the area will be preserved and improved. By using solar energy, 26 percent of the electricity needs of the facility will be provided. Rain water will be collected and used in ponds and dry stream bed. Without creating an excavation or filling area, an architectural and landscape arrangement in harmony with nature will be made. Natural stones and wood materials belonging to the region will be used in the buildings and all hard floors. The plant species used in the area were selected from those that do not require much irrigation and contribute to the improvement of urban biodiversity. 2 thousand 365 leafy and 740 coniferous trees to be planted in the field; and many varieties of shrubs are aimed at reducing the impact of the urban heat island. In this way, the necessary oxygen need for approximately 6 thousand people per day and 19 tons of carbon sequestration will be provided. A mature tree produces about as much oxygen as two people's daily needs, absorbs up to six kilos of carbon a year and reduces the greenhouse gas effect.

Award-winning project

The Orange Valley Recreation Area project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was awarded the first prize in the best urban design category within the scope of the "Signature of the Cities Awards". It also received an award in the Sustainable Environment branch in the “Best Sustainable Practices Competition” within the scope of the International Sustainable Buildings Symposium.

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