What is DNA Sparkle? Is it Possible to Be 10 Years Younger with DNA Glow?

What is DNA heat? Is it possible to mourn with DNA heat?
What is DNA heat? Is it possible to mourn with DNA heat?

DNA sparkle is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments of recent times. Containing high concentrations of natural polynucleotides to rejuvenate the skin, protect and improve its health, Dr. She told Sevgi Ekyor.

With the DNA shine method, wrinkles and moisture loss can be removed, while at the same time, a tighter appearance is added to the skin. With DNA radiance, the skin becomes both healthier and more tense. The skin becomes microscopically younger.

DNA glitter contains a high amount of natural polynucleotides in it. There are many different building blocks such as minerals, enzymes, vitamins and proteins in the skin. Therefore, using a single vitamin or enzyme to interfere with the patient's skin will create a math error. DNA radiance appears to be a preferred method because it contains more than one building block and can support the skin with every dimension where it needs the most. Thus, we solve not only one problem, but also 3-4 problems at the same time, and we provide the patient with more pronounced results in fewer sessions.

DNA sparkle is a method that is generally preferred for patients aged 40-45 and creates intense anti-aging. The application can be preferred in 3 sessions according to the needs of the patient. Again, according to the needs of the patient, a time algorithm is created for the application and during this period, DNA glow is applied to the patient.

DNA sparkle procedure can be done at any time of the year. After the procedure, it is necessary not to take a hot shower, not to be exposed to intense sun, avoid intense steam, not to touch the face for 6 hours and not to drink alcohol.

In order to get a stronger efficiency from the body in a shorter time and to observe the effect of the procedure better, patients can start supplements such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

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