How to Treat Your Adolescent Child?

How to treat adolescent children
How to treat adolescent children

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Adolescent children enjoy spending time with their friends or being alone in their room more than their parents. It should be given the opportunity for him to get to know himself and socialize a little.

There are sexual roles, religious and philosophical issues that confuse the adolescent child. The adolescent boy said, “I wonder if I am gay, who is creative, is there a life after death? It can search for answers to questions such as ”. If the parents feel such a situation, they should protect the adolescent from making wrong decisions by guiding them with a tolerant style.

Parents should respect the adolescent's privacy, as the adolescent's sexual drive and interest in the opposite sex begin. If the parents want to share something about the private life of the adolescent child, for example, "You know, I started liking someone for the first time at your age, and this feeling made me feel weird. Have you ever felt so strange?" like… he should be empathetic to him without frightening him.

It should not be forgotten that an adolescent child who is not given enough interest and love in childhood, who is made to feel worthless and inadequate by being shouted and called, in other words, whose sense of belonging is damaged, may turn to substance use, technological addiction and risky pursuits.

Even if the parents do not like them, they can strengthen the bond with the adolescent child by participating in the activities that the adolescent likes. For example, even if the parent does not like to go to the cinema, going to the cinema with his adolescent child or even if the parent does not like to play basketball, the adolescent child should be able to create a common interest by playing basketball together.

Parents; It should be known that the desire of individualization lies behind these reactions of the adolescent child who seems to be against everything and against everything. Instead of clashing with the adolescent child, who now feels stronger as an individual, he should remember that he is an individual preparing for adulthood.

Criticisms such as "What kind of a child you are, you cannot be a man" should be avoided. On the contrary, adolescent children should be appreciated and their views should be felt as valuable.

Parents who can take these few suggestions into consideration and put them into practice should not forget that adolescence is a period like other developmental periods and should be able to approach the adolescent with tolerance.

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