7 Intersections and Road Arrangements That Will Relieve İzmir Traffic

Crossroads and road arrangements to ease Izmir traffic
Crossroads and road arrangements to ease Izmir traffic

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyeris fulfilling the promises made before the election one by one. Metropolitan Municipality teams are making intersections and road arrangements in 7 different regions in order to ease the urban transportation by turning the full closure process into an opportunity. Konak, Bornova, BayraklıThe works carried out in Çiğli, Karabağlar and Balçova districts are planned to be completed before the festival.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerOne by one, the projects, which were expressed as 'golden touches that will ease the urban traffic' in the election campaign, are coming to life one by one. Evaluating the 17-day full closure process, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, which accelerated the road and asphalt works in the main arteries of the city, started road and intersection arrangements to relieve traffic at 7 points. With the intersection projects prepared by the Transportation Department, it is aimed to complete the works that will reduce the traffic density and congestion, and provide uninterrupted and safe traffic flow at Bornova Egemak, Konak Karataş, Alsancak Gar, Balçova Marina, Çiğli Koçtaş, Karabağlar Yaşayanlar intersections and Altınyol Street before the holiday.

Traffic relaxed at Alsancak Station Junction

The Metropolitan Municipality teams, who went down to the field for projects that will relieve the traffic with practical solutions, completed the arrangement work at the Alsancak Station Junction. In order to reduce the traffic density from the front of the station to Bornova direction and to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow, the pedestrian crossing between the tram stop and the station was changed and a pedestrian crossing was made in front of the Sait Altınordu Statue in the direction of the tram stop. Thus, a single pedestrian crossing was created instead of two very close pedestrian crossings.

Transition to Mithatpaşa Street will be easier

Arrangement work continues at the Karataş Junction on the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. The current "roundabout" is arranged as a "T intersection". In this section, the central reserve will be narrowed and left turns will be relieved with an additional lane. When the works are completed, the vehicles that want to come from Konak direction and use Mithatpaşa Street will be able to turn without narrowing the existing main road, and the waiting time will be reduced. The traffic flow on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, especially towards Göztepe, will be relieved.

Altınyol traffic will be relieved

Bayraklı With the side road arrangement carried out on Altınyol Street, from Adnan Kahveci Bridge Junction Karşıyaka The traffic congestion caused by the intersection of vehicles coming from the direction of Alsancak and continuing to Altınyol will be prevented. The direct turn from Altınyol Street to Turan Junction is closed. With the vehicles entering the intersection using the side road, the traffic density in Altınyol will decrease and the traffic will become safer at this point.

Uninterrupted traffic flow on Karabağlar Yeşillik Caddesi

Within the scope of the ongoing arrangement works in Karabağlar Yeşillik Caddesi Yaşayanlar Crossroad, a side road is being created at the intersection of 5733 Street parallel and 4012 Street. The traffic congestion in this section will be prevented by separating the lanes of the vehicles that want to go in the direction of Konak and those returning to Karabağlar.

Entrances and exits to İzmir - Çeşme Highway will be relieved

The most important arrangement in this period will be at Balçova Marina Junction. After the process of the highway underpass project planned by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in this region was prolonged due to the lawsuit filed by the Chamber of City Planners, the Metropolitan Municipality created a new arrangement at the intersection in the region. Accordingly, it creates a 30-vehicle shelter pocket in order to reduce the traffic density when turning left from İzmir-Çeşme Highway to Haydar Aliyev Boulevard (İnciraltı). A triangular islet will be made by removing the central hub at the intersection. For those going to both Konak and Üçkuyular directions from Heydar Aliyev Boulevard, the traffic flow will be increased from three lanes to four lanes. The entrance to the highway, which falls into a single lane due to congestion, will be arranged in three lanes. Both the entrance and exit of the motorway will be relaxed and the increasing traffic from İnciraltı to Konak direction in the summer months will be reduced.

Egemak Junction will be used actively

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting to work at Egemak Junction in the coming days. The intersection between Ankara Street and Fatih Street will be rearranged and its capacity will be increased. 3.Vehicles leaving the Industrial Site Bayraklı will be able to go in the direction. Again using this crossroads Karşıyaka and Konak direction will be reached easily.

Next is Çiğli Koçtaş Junction

Koçtaş Intersection, located at the intersection of Çiğli Caher Dudayev Boulevard and 8294/1 Street, is also among the intersections organized during the period of complete closure. With the manufacturing works to be carried out at this intersection, come from Çiğli direction and from the İzmir Ring Road. Karşıyaka With the vehicles that will continue in their direction, the traffic problem caused by the vehicles that will turn left to 8294/1 Street will be prevented. The number of lanes waiting for vehicles that will turn left will be doubled. Karşıyaka The vehicle traffic that continues in its direction will be separated by the signaling system.

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