turksat is sitting on its outer space in may
06 Ankara

Türksat 5A Settles into Its Orbit in Space in May

Türksat A.Ş. Minister Karaismailoğlu, who visited the Gölbaşı campus, announced the dates of sending Türksat 5B and Türksat 6A into space. Karaismailoğlu said, “We are launching the Türksat 5B communication satellite into space in the fourth quarter of this year. Turksat 6A [more…]

domestic makinali tufek entered the inventory of pmt
06 Ankara

Domestic Machine Gun PMT-76 / 57A Entered Inventory

The Platform Machine Gun PMT-76/57A, developed by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), an affiliate of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, was put into the inventory and put into service of Mehmetçik. “Life of Mehmetçi Empowered by Domestic and National Technology” [more…]

The rule to be a good player

9 Rules To Be A Good Player

Games are very popular nowadays. Many young people follow the game industry closely and want to become the best they can be in games. Achieving many things in life requires good planning. It [more…]

Don't let your psychology deteriorate while waiting for the spring

Attention! May Cause Excessive Spending

Sudden changes in air temperature that occur with the arrival of spring can adversely affect human psychology. Stress that occurs in the spring months causes depression, and on the contrary, it causes exhilarating emotions to be experienced excessively. [more…]

caution when diabetic patients fast

Can Diabetes Patients Fasting?

Diabetes is a disease that is very common in our society and can progress with serious complications. Diabetes patients have requests and questions about fasting in Ramadan, which is one of our religious obligations. This issue is actually quite complex. [more…]


Fliqa Online Business Equipment Sales

Fliqa site is one of the most comprehensive business equipment companies in our country. You can find the most preferred products of the most important brands preferred by the world on Fliqa website. Make your working environments healthier and more [more…]