9 Rules To Be A Good Player

The rule to be a good player
The rule to be a good player

Games are very popular nowadays. Many young people also follow the gaming industry closely and want to become the best possible in games. It takes good planning to accomplish many things in life. This is a rule that also applies to computer games.

1- Do Detailed Research About The Game

It is very important to know about the game before you start playing the games that are constantly promoted or your friends praise often.

Get general information about the game you intend to play and watch the performances of the best players. Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Nimo TV, Youtube You can have a more detailed idea about the game you plan to play by watching people playing live on platforms such as Gaming. These researches and observations will guide you in your plan development process about how to play the game. In addition, while watching the game players, you will have the opportunity to get to know the game panel closely. So when you start playing the game, you can progress faster because you know the panel, directions, graphics and general tactics.

2- Planning Time

Before starting the game, we recommend that you make a planning that you think will help you in the first stage and help you to beat your opponent easily. Although many things during the game change according to your opponent and your attacks, having a general strategy will help increase your chances of winning.
Also, having a plan that you can implement in difficult situations helps you concentrate better on the game and change the course of the game without panic when the game is not going in your favor.

3- Don't Start the Game Without Concentration

If you are serious about playing games and want to move forward in this regard, you can start playing games in a concentrated way after you learn about the game and make the necessary planning.
Focusing on the game will enable you to learn much faster and grasp the details about the game, especially in the first stage. Thus, you can gain advantage over your opponents and level up comfortably.

4- It Provides Convenience To Control The Keyboard / Console Keys

During the game, you should not look at the keyboard / console in order to follow the screen completely and not to miss even the slightest movement of the opponent. For this, what you need to do is to master the keyboard / console keys. This habit will grow as you play the game and will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponent or equal him.

5- Take Care of Being Patient and Calm

During the game, you can use many methods to distract your opponent's attention or make you make wrong moves by lowering your mood, or you may experience moments when you think you will lose the game. In such cases, instead of admitting defeat, consider your previous plans and strategies. Practice your opponent's instant blowback tactics and try to stay calm while doing all of these. Also, if you're playing a team game, don't forget to keep the morale of your teammates high when things aren't going well.

6- Don't Underestimate Your Opponent

One of the common mistakes made in games is underestimating the opponent. Especially, when your opponent makes a few mistakes when the game starts, it makes you think that you can easily beat your opponent and if you stop concentrating on the game at that moment, you may be making a big mistake. Because your opponent may be doing this tactically, or he may have had a setback at the beginning of the game and then focused entirely on the game.

Likewise, sometimes the low rank of the opponent may make you think that he is new to the game and that you can easily beat him. However, you cannot judge your opponent's abilities based solely on his rank. Maybe it's a player who has played the game before and is now open a new account. With these possibilities in mind, you can do your best in each game.

7- In Team Games, Act with Team Consciousness

If you are playing a team game, you must follow the game leader's directions and watch over your teammates. Listening and applying carefully what the team leader says can help you contribute to win the game. However, if the strategies developed by the team leader constantly create problems and cause you to lose the game, you can help develop different strategies at this point, or you can enter different teams if the team's strategies do not suit you.

8- Use Your Powers in the Right Place and When Necessary in the Game

Most games have a limit of powers. Think about how you earn your powers and be careful while spending them. In a section where you can pass without using power, using your power rights given by the game may cause you to be in a difficult situation in the next stages.

9- Always Play Fair Games

Using fraudulent methods during the game will make you feel bad and make you know that you do not deserve it even if you win the game. There is a big difference between winning games with fraudulent methods and the game you win by applying your own strategies. True champions always play fair games.



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