Another Equipment Produced for Akkuyu NGS was Brought to the Field

Another equipment produced for akkuyu ngs is in the field
Another equipment produced for akkuyu ngs is in the field

The first large-sized component of the steam turbine unit of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant was delivered to the field. The high and medium pressure cylinder rotor, weighing more than 107 tons and a length of more than 12 meters, arrived on the field on 20 March 2021.

The use of modern high and medium pressure cylinders is a unique feature of the construction of the Arabelle steam turbines to be installed in 4 power units of Akkuyu NGS. This structure ensures that the turbine room equipment is operated at the highest saving level, and the efficiency coefficient reaches up to 38%. This is a record value in the world nuclear energy industry in terms of the efficiency coefficient of the nuclear power plant turbine facility.

The nuclear power plant turbine unit is a large powerful heat rotary engine. The cylinder rotor is one of the main components of this engine: the high pressure steam stream from the steam generators in the reactor chamber arrives at the rotor blades. The potential energy of the compressed and heated water vapor is transformed into mechanical energy that is transmitted to the turbogenerator, which rotates the rotor and generates the electric current.

The high and medium pressure cylinder rotor was manufactured at GE Steam Power (a branch of the US-based company General Electric) in Belfort (France). After obtaining permission to start production from the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK), rotor production took about 1 year and 4 months. In January 2021, representatives of equipment supplier AAEM LLC (a joint venture of Atomenergomash Inc. and GE Steam Power) and AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. confirmed the adoption of the equipment at the manufacturer's factory and that production technology in line with high quality standards was observed. After acceptance, the rotor was stored in the factory for 2 months, then loaded onto the ship and shipped to the Akkuyu NGS construction site by sea.

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Director General First Deputy - NGS Construction Works Director Sergei Butckikh, "Akkuyu of the cylinder rotor for Arabelle steam turbine NPP construction site delivery, our project is not limited to Russia and Turkey, is an event that clearly demonstrates the broad international access. The main equipment of the steam turbine plant is manufactured by an American subsidiary in France. The producers of the project, the equipment suppliers and in general the participant list of our project includes companies from many countries. Orders have been placed from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Poland and Japan for the production of pumping, heat exchangers, electrical-technical and other auxiliary equipment. The independent technical supervision of the construction works on the field is carried out by the international engineering group Assystem operating in 17 countries of Europe, the Middle East and Asia ”.

As of today, the low-speed Buffer turbine is the most powerful turbine on the market in its class: the power of the turbine can reach 1900 MW, while the welded design of the rotors ensures high corrosion resistance and long life of the main components (at least sixty years), extending the intervals between scheduled maintenance and repair. .

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