Women Preparing for Birth with Online Pregnant Yoga

women getting ready for birth with online pregnant yoga
women getting ready for birth with online pregnant yoga

The pregnancy process, which is exciting and full of experiences, also brings with it many uncertainties. During this period, making room for activities that nourish the body and the soul helps to have a pleasant pregnancy and birth, while reducing the stress on expectant mothers.

Pregnancy is a miraculous process, but many expectant mothers encounter deep feelings of insecurity, uncertainty and anxiety during this process. In this process, physical activities as well as medical examinations for mother and baby health contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable process. Pregnancy yoga, which includes movements and breathing techniques that not only strengthens expectant mothers physically and emotionally but also mentally prepares them for birth at different stages of pregnancy; It helps to live the moment with awareness and to communicate with the baby before birth. Studio Best Self Founder Emir Kurşunoğlu stated that physical activities will be more important for a healthy pregnancy period, especially in these days, which are inactive at home, and that all expectant mothers who have doctor approval can relax with online pregnant yoga lessons.

With its membership system, Studio Best Self offers online yoga, pilates classes and meditation sessions for different levels at different times of the day, and Glowy Self classes specially designed for pregnant women and sessions that do not contain difficult poses and are blended with multiple repetitive postures. While physical yoga postures, mental and spiritual exercises during pregnancy prepare mothers for the birth; contributes to a healthier and more vigorous pregnancy process.

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