1 Million TL Grant from GEKA to Fethiye Underwater History Park Project

million tl grant from gekadan to fethiye underwater history park project
million tl grant from gekadan to fethiye underwater history park project

📩 07/04/2021 16:15

Fethiye Underwater History Park Project of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO), which will revitalize diving tourism and host 10 thousands of sea creatures, has been awarded a 1 million TL grant from the South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA). Stating that the project, which will be realized with a total investment of 3 million lira, will be the new attraction center of the region, FTSO Chairman of the Board, Osman Çıralı said, “We will revive the history of Fethiye underwater with the thematic underwater exhibition to be held in Fethiye bays within the scope of our project. The historical values ​​of Fethiye, Kayaköy, Lycian Tombs and Amintas Rock Tombs will be revived with reefs underwater. The project, which will reveal the potential of our region for diving tourism, will also be capable of hosting tens of thousands of sea creatures. " said.

FTSO's GEKA 2020 Call for Project Proposals received maximum support from GEKA for the "Fethiye Underwater History Park" Project, to which it applied within the scope of the Alternative Tourism Infrastructure Financial Support Program. Within the scope of the project, which is entitled to receive a grant of 1 million TL from GEKA, a thematic underwater history park will be established at 3 different points in Fethiye bays. The 2500-year-old historical values ​​of Fethiye and the introduction of Kayaköy will be dramatized by means of artifacts and sculptures to be immersed underwater. Thus, by establishing a new center of attraction, the annual number of dives, which was 100.000 in the past years but decreased to 20.000 in recent years, will be increased again, and hundreds of species will be provided shelter. Contribution will also be made to the target of spreading tourism to 12 months.

Dive into history in Fethiye

FTSO's Chairman of the Board of Directors of FTSO, Osman Çıralı, stated that with the "Fethiye Underwater History Park" project, which received support from GEKA at the maximum grant rate, the historical values ​​of Fethiye will be revived with reefs under water and that the underwater world and Fethiye history will be together. He said that it is to reveal the potential for diving tourism.

Stating that the grant support of GEKA will be realized in partnership with Fethiye Municipality and İMEAK DTO Fethiye Branch, the Fethiye Underwater History Park will bring a new breath to tourism in the region, Çıralı continued as follows:

“GEKA donated 1 million TL at the maximum support rate to the“ Fethiye Underwater History Park ”Project prepared by our chamber. 3 million worth of projects planned to be carried out within the scope of the thematic put our underwater exhibition in the nature of "Fethiye Underwater Historical Park" with our project, Fethiyemiz diving tourism in Turkey and we aim to be a point of attraction in the world. Our project will provide a long-term benefit for the underwater population with its nature-friendly side. With the project, we also aim to increase the number of tourists staying in our region and their average length of stay by spreading tourism to 12 months.

Nature friendly project

The enormous underwater biodiversity and underwater population in our bays attracted local and foreign tourists to our region in the early 2000s, with 100.000 dives per year. However, in the course of time, the sea meadows were destroyed in the first place due to human interventions such as boat anchors, untimely and uncontrolled hunting, amateur harpoon fishing; then our underwater biodiversity disappeared. As a result, in the thematic underwater history park that we will realize with the aim of increasing the number of dives, which has fallen to 20.000 today, in our bays; The historical values ​​of Fethiye, Kayaköy, Lycian Tombs and Amintas Rock Tombs will take place. Our Chamber is the applicant of the project to be supported within the scope of the GEKA 2020 Call for Proposals, Alternative Tourism Infrastructure Financial Support Program. Fethiye Municipality and İMEAK DTO Fethiye Branch are our project partners. The participants of the project are Fethiye District Governorship, Muğla Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Muğla Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Fethiye Underwater Association, TURSAB Western Mediterranean BYK.

Opinions of interested parties regarding the application areas were received.

FTSO Board of Directors Chairman Osman Çıralı, Fethiye Deputy Mayor Oğuz Bolelli, İMEAK Chamber of Shipping Fethiye Branch President Şaban Arıkan, Fethiye Agriculture and Forestry District Manager A meeting attended by Şaban Sarıkaya, TÜRSAB Western Mediterranean BTK President Özgen Uysal, FTOS Vice Chairman and ÇALIŞ-DER Chairman Mete Ay, Fethiye Underwater Association (FETSAD) President Bülent Taşan, Fethiye Tourism Information Office Manager Saffet Dündar and Fethiye diving community representatives Edited.

The scientific advisor of the project was Prof. Dr. The introduction of artificial reefs in Altan Lok, artificial reef in the world and work in Turkey, the advantages and disadvantages of artificial reefs, made informative presentations on the subject of the effects of fishing and diving tourism. At the meeting where the questions of the participants were also answered, the opinions of the representatives of the diving community regarding the areas where the project will be implemented were received.

The locations determined by taking into account the opinions and suggestions brought to the agenda at the meeting will be marked on the map and the scientific consultant of the project, Prof. Dr. A feasibility study will be prepared for these locations under the leadership of Altan Lök. In the feasibility study; The suitability will be determined in terms of geographical bottom structure and ground, underwater flora and fauna, diving suitability, clarity, bottom current and wind direction, sea traffic in the region, intensity of fishing activities.

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