Signatures Turkey to Nakhchivan Gas Pipeline Atıldı

turkey Nakhchivan natural gas pipeline on the signatures were thrown
turkey Nakhchivan natural gas pipeline on the signatures were thrown

Starting with the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan project in the field of energy, the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum projects with a major step forward for Azerbaijan-Turkey partnership, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) and the continent does not start, emphasizing that exceeds said:

“We completed TANAP, the longest section of the Southern Gas Corridor, crossing Anatolia from one end to the other. Thus, we stood up for a great project that would deliver Azerbaijani gas to our country and Europe. With TANAP, we took another big step towards our goal of becoming a center country in energy, which is an important part of our National Energy and Mining Policy. At TANAP, which we completed in record time, 30 billion cubic meters of gas flowed since June 2018, 8,1. "

Dönmez reminded that the last link of the Southern Gas Corridor and the Trans-Adriatic Natural Gas Pipeline (TAP), which connects TANAP to Europe, started operations last month, and that TAP was given the first natural gas and 70 million cubic meters of gas for filling He stated that it was flowing.

Stating that commercial gas flow is also expected at TAP in the near future, Dönmez continued: “This way, a very important step will be taken in terms of Europe's natural gas supply security. The silk road of energy will reach Europe. Today, we will reinforce the Turkey-Azerbaijan partnership with a very important project. Our energy partnership, built with our natural gas pipelines connecting continents and peoples, and strengthened by huge investments such as the STAR refinery, has a deep meaning with the Turkey-Nakhchivan Natural Gas Pipeline. kazanwill ache. During his visit to Baku on February 25, 2020, our Honorable President promised to build a natural gas pipeline from Turkey's Iğdır city to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic as soon as possible. We are here today to sign the memorandum of understanding that will constitute the first step of this project. Hopefully, we will complete this pipeline as soon as possible, like other projects we have implemented together in the field of natural gas.”

New line will carry 500 million cubic meters of gas annually

Ministers Dönmez, Turkey and Nakhichevan Pipeline with uninterrupted access to the natural gas of living Azerbaijani Turks in Nakhchivan, underlining that the initiation of studies for the benefit seamlessly from natural gas comfort, "Our goal is to follow everywhere traces of our civilization and prosperity leads ancestors went to Nakhchivan natural gas to meet the comfort. Both us and the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan will do their best to realize the project. With the project to be realized in cooperation with BOTAŞ and SOCAR, Nakhchivan will get natural gas from our country. " he spoke.

Stating that Nakhchivan has a population of nearly 500 thousand and a natural gas consumption of 500 million cubic meters, Dönmez said, “With the gas that will be delivered to the region via Iğdır, one of the wounds caused by the Karabakh invasion will be healed. Thus, a safe natural gas supply will be provided to Nakhchivan as before the occupation of Karabakh. " said.

Dönmez, Nakhchivan-Turkey Pipeline, Iğdır Eastern Anatolia Natural Gas Main Transmission Line would be built through the exit area of ​​the Natural Gas Pipeline continues.

Line up Nakhichevan to Sadarak starting from Igdir of Turkey section does not start the transfer will have 85 kilometers in length, he said: "Annual will have a 500 million cubic meter capacity pipeline, a daily that can carry 1,5 million cubic meters of natural gas. With our pipeline, we will be able to meet the natural gas demand of Nakhchivan today. Within the scope of the project, a measuring station will also be established in Iğdır Dilucu. The station, which will be built on a wide area of ​​20 thousand square meters, will ensure the flow balance of the line. Thus, natural gas will reach Nakhchivan in the safest way. "

Karabakh victory and Nakhchivan

Minister Dönmez emphasized that with the liberation of Karabakh from the occupation, a very strong atmosphere of stability began to blow in the region, and Azerbaijan's presence in Karabakh. kazanHe stated that with his victory, the importance of Nakhchivan and the region increased.

KazanNoting that the victory in the region created a region where projects were discussed, not occupations or refugees, Dönmez concluded his words as follows: “The Turkey-Nakhichevan Natural Gas Pipeline is also a stability project brought about by this victory. Our project will ignite the fire of the Nakhchivan economy. Many initiatives and investments will be opened in the region. The Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood will turn into a stronger and more strategic partnership with this project. Our brothers from Nakhchivan will have uninterrupted natural gas in their homes, schools and hospitals.”

Şahbazov also emphasized that they are brother countries Azerbaijan and Turkey, brotherhood, trust each other, said common vision that will strengthen the relations between the two countries.

Reminding that natural gas is currently being sent to Nakhchivan via Iran, Shahbazov stated that Azerbaijani gas will directly reach Nakhchivan through this pipeline.

After the speeches, "Memorandum of Understanding on Natural Gas Supply to Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic" was signed.

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