Ministry of Commerce to Procure 30 Assistant Inspectors

Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce

In order to be employed in the Guidance and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Trade, 8th and 9th grade "Assistant Trade Inspector" staff from the General Administrative Services class can be assigned a maximum of 5 for the Foreign Trade Group Presidency, a maximum of 10 for the Customs Group Presidency and a maximum of 15 for the Domestic Trade Group Presidency. Entrance Exams will be held to recruit Assistant Trade Inspector.


  • Applications for the Entrance Exams will be made through the link specified on the website of the Ministry of Commerce ( between 09-18 December 2020. Exam application will be completed by uploading the photo and filling in the Application Form. Applications made by hand or by mail will not be accepted.
  • Applications that do not comply with the conditions specified in the announcement and applications that are not made in due time are not considered.
  • Among the applicants for the entrance exam, those who are found to have made false declarations or have given documents are not appointed by considering the exam results invalid. Even if their appointments are made, they are canceled and a criminal complaint is filed to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor in order to apply the relevant provisions of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237.

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