Bicycle Use and Benefits in the City

Cycling in the city and its benefits
Cycling in the city and its benefits

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The history of the bicycle, which has been widely used today, especially in the recent period, actually dates back to 200 years ago. The first bicycle was invented in 1818 by Barontazi Sauerbrun. However, this bike was not exactly the same as today. It had 2 wheels but had no pedals and gears. After getting on the bike, the driver could stop by taking support from the ground with his feet. The first bicycle was developed by many people from the past to the present and took its present form.

Advantages of Cycling

Helps You Lose Weight
Unfortunately, obesity is one of the biggest problems of our age. Factors such as irregular and unhealthy eating habits and little movement trigger weight gain. At this point, the bike provides an opportunity to exercise effectively. When riding a bike, your calorie burning rate increases and many of your muscles work at the same time.
Helps You Get Fit
Bicycle helps you achieve a fit and healthy appearance. Cycling, especially in rugged, high terrain and forests, improves your leg, arm and back muscles and increases your lung capacity.
It reduces stress
One of the ways to cope with stress, which negatively affects all areas of life and reduces the quality of life, is to use bicycles. While riding a bike, you can get rid of irritating thoughts in your brain, enjoy the work of your muscles and the fresh air.
Slows Aging
Little movement directly affects the aging process. Inactivity; causes the heart, mind and body to wear out faster. With cycling, the rate of oxygen in the body increases. The heart and muscles get stronger day by day. If you want to look young, we recommend that you add cycling to your daily routine as soon as possible.
Helps You Sleep Well
The bike makes you tired physically. Because many people today move very little, mental fatigue and physical fatigue are not equal for most people. This can negatively affect your sleep patterns. The body that moves every day is physically tired and the process of going to sleep can be easier.
Contributes to Your Budget
When you start using the bicycle as a means of transportation, you do not pay public transportation and fuel costs. This makes a small contribution to your budget. At this point, we recommend you to choose a comfortable bike that provides comfortable driving in the city.

Countries Where Bicycles Are Commonly Used

The First Country That Comes to Mind When It Cycle: The Netherlands
The fact that it is both a cheap and healthy means of transportation makes cycling very preferred in the Netherlands. Bicycle is an indispensable tool for the country where even the Prime Minister prefers bicycles. Cities are designed for cycling, cycling has become a culture, and almost the entire country has been cycling from childhood; Some of the factors affecting cycling in the Netherlands. Known as the "land of cycling", the Netherlands sets an example for all countries in this respect.
Interesting Designed Bicycles: China
In China, which has started to give importance to the use of bicycles to combat traffic problems and air pollution, it is even checked whether new buildings are suitable for bicycles. There are also traffic lights for bicycles in cities. On the streets of China, you can come across millions of bicycles with modern and quite remarkable designs.
Bicycle-Organized Traffic: Denmark
It is possible to see bicycles in every corner of Denmark, which is among the countries where bicycle use is most common in the world. There are bicycles on almost every street of the cities, especially during commute and departure times. In the country where the traffic is arranged in accordance with bicycles, you can even go inside the buildings by bicycle, and you can even ride the elevator by bicycle.
Unique Views While Cycling: France
The use of bicycles in France continues to increase day by day. Especially, it is possible to see bicycles in all streets of Strasbourg, which is known as the bicycle capital of the country. Although the city is large, you can reach every point of Strasbourg by bike. In addition, the city will fascinate you with its magnificent scenery while riding a bike.
Fast Developing Bicycle Use: Spain
Spain has increased the importance it attaches to bicycle use, especially in the recent period. The city of Seville was soon equipped with bicycle path networks, and thanks to the studies on bicycle use, the use of bicycles increased 11 times in a short time. This situation started to set an example for other Spanish cities.

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