Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Vehicle Fleet is Getting Stronger

sanliurfa buyuksehir vehicle fleet gets stronger
sanliurfa buyuksehir vehicle fleet gets stronger

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality added new vehicles purchased to its fleet to be used in public transportation, social assistance and disability coordination center services.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, who promoted the new vehicles purchased within the Metropolitan Municipality BELSAN A.Ş, said that they are at the service of the public with their own resources without going to rent by strengthening the vehicle fleet every day.

Metropolitan Mayor Beyazgül, who has been continuing his services with the principle of saving and transparency management since the day he took office, and who took it as his duty to contribute to the country's economy, said, “Thank God. "We are happy to add, do and build something new to our municipality and our city every day with the support of our people," he said.


Chairman Beyazgül said, “We are happy to include a total of 12 vehicles, 7 mini and 3 large transit, to be used in social assistance and disabled services, as well as 22 buses that are needed especially during the pandemic period. One of the issues that has been expressed for a long time was that our vehicles were missing on some lines. Even their numbers were pronounced a lot. Of course, we have to take fewer passengers during the pandemic period. For this reason, the number of standing passengers is also decreasing. Due to the decreasing number of passengers, our bus need has arisen. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we added some buses to our fleet. We were renting vehicles until today. However, as you know, rental prices are increasing considerably. We will now use our own property. During the period of social assistance and pandemics, our friends in social assistance work diligently day and night. I thank you here and they do their duties in the best way possible. Our disability coordination center is in the same way. Yesterday, we were here to open a place in Eyyübiye, today we came before our people by taking our buses. Thank God, we are in the happiness of adding, doing and building something new to our municipality and our city every day with the support of our people, ”he said.

Mahmut Kırıkçı, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, M.Şefik Bakay, Chairman of the Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers, ŞUSKİ General Manager Muhammed Sait Güllüoğlu, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Council Ahmet Kaytan and related administrative chiefs attended the vehicle presentation held in the BELSAN A.Ş.

Günceleme: 01/12/2020 17:17

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