Regulation Coming to Retail Trade

regulation is coming to retail trade
regulation is coming to retail trade

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan stated that certain changes in the Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade are on the agenda depending on the changing dynamic structure of the sector, and that supporting traditional retailing, raising awareness of geographically marked products and local products are included in this study.

Minister Pekcan made the opening speech of the “Retail Panel” at the “Sabah 35th Age Sector Meetings” Program organized for the 35th anniversary of Sabah newspaper, one of the media organs of Turkuvaz Media Group.

The retail trade sector, an important place is held in terms of commercial activities in Turkey that contribute to employment stressed Pekcan, located in Turkey is 3,2 million more than the company's approximately 733 thousand of operating in the retail sector, said that about 931 billion pounds of sector turnover.

Noting that the number of employees employed in the sector is over 2 million, Pekcan emphasized that organized retail, traditional retailing, e-commerce and consumer dimensions should be handled together for a healthy future vision, especially today.

Pointing out that functioning of these elements in a way that complements and supports each other is essential for the sustainable development of the retail sector, Pekcan said, “As the Ministry of Trade, we strive to shape all our policies with this understanding and sensitivity. used the expression.

Minister Pekcan stated that organized retailing provides an undeniable value in keeping economic activities and employment under record.

“Likewise, large-scale retailing activities offer significant advantages in terms of branding, creating global brands and integration into global supply chains. Turkey, of course; As a rapidly developing country, it attaches great importance to branding and global value chains. The emergence of global brands from our retail and e-commerce sectors is a situation that we always desire and support. "

Pekcan, both general sense in improving the commercial infrastructure in Turkey, it was continued technical and legislative work to enable private sector infrastructure in both the retail sector, he said:

“Depending on the changing dynamic structure of the sector, certain changes are on the agenda in the Law No. 6585 on the Regulation of Retail Trade, which is the first legal regulation for the retail trade sector, in order to meet the demands from the sector and to eliminate the problems encountered in practice. Supporting traditional retailing, which is of great importance for our country, raising awareness about geographically indicated products and local products, ensuring the branding of these products and supporting the products to have a greater market share in the market are within the scope of these works. Facilitating the establishment of supply and distribution cooperatives, especially in order to provide certain advantages to tradesmen and craftsmen enterprises and micro-commercial enterprises and to support their competitiveness, to ensure the functionality and corporate identity of such cooperatives. kazanIt is aimed to support their ability to operate in a stable manner.”

"We are diligently working on the development of e-commerce"

Minister Pekcan underlined that in the developing global economy focused on digitalization, it is necessary to examine e-commerce activities very well and said that it is necessary to evaluate the e-commerce sector correctly and determine the strategies correctly.

Pointing out the importance of continuing with the right policies in terms of using e-commerce as a strategic tool for the development of the retail sector within the framework of the rapidly developing and deepening digital economy, Pekcan stated that as the Ministry of Commerce, they continue to work on the development of e-commerce meticulously. Pekcan also gave information about the activities and supports of the Ministry in this regard.

"Our Ministry's studies on consumer rights are multidimensional"

Pekcan pointed out that, for the existence and continuation of a modern retailing sector, consumer relations and consumer rights practices should be applied in the most widespread and most effective way, the more regularly the mutual rights and obligations between the merchant and the customer are applied, the reported that it will continue its activities on a solid ground.

Explaining that the Ministry continues its studies on consumer practices and consumer rights in a multi-dimensional manner, Pekcan continued as follows:

“The Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law No. 12, published on 7223 March and will come into force in the next year, brings significant innovations in the traceability of companies, product liability compensation, recall of products from consumers, strengthening the image of Turkish goods in exports and e-commerce. Also within this year, the protection area of ​​consumers was expanded with the changes we made in the 'After Sales Services', 'Warranty Certificate' and 'Introduction and User Manual' regulations in the context of secondary regulations. "

"Our struggle will continue effectively in the economy as well as in health"

Stating that the Kovid-19 epidemic negatively affected daily life all over the world and triggered a troublesome process especially for SMEs and craftsmen and craftsmen, Pekcan said, “As always, in this extraordinary process, as the Ministry of Commerce, from all sector organizations, from all tradesmen-craftsmen organizations. We both evaluated the requests received in our own ministry and followed them up with other relevant ministries. The problems and demands conveyed were handled sensitively by the Presidential cabinet under the leadership of our President, together with the solution proposals. " he spoke.

Minister Pekcan stated that many conveniences were provided in tax, employment and financing points in order to stand by businesses and craftsmen and craftsmen in this difficult process and said:

“Various support mechanisms, notably the Economic Stability Shield Measure Package announced by our President, have been implemented. New supports continue to be implemented according to the course of the process. Finally, at the discretion of our President, steps were taken regarding rent and direct income support especially for our craftsmen and arts. Under the guidance of our President, our struggle in the economic field, as well as in the field of health, will continue effectively. With the solidarity of the state and the nation, we will overcome this process with the least loss and continue our way strongly. "

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