New Renault Zoe, December Sales Output in private deals with Turkey

new Renault ZOE appeared in December about special rates for sale in Turkey
new Renault ZOE appeared in December about special rates for sale in Turkey

The third generation of the new Renault ZOE, which has the title of Europe's most preferred electric car, offering longer range, more driving comfort, first-class energy efficiency and charging variety, is on sale with a discount price of 349.900 TL for December.

Renault's electric vehicle pioneer of technology, the third generation of the flagship in this field tactics ZOE way to Turkey. Introduced for the first time in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show, ZOE is an important milestone for the brand's electric vehicle development strategy with more than 60 awards across Europe. Capable of receiving up to 22 kW of power from each AC (alternating current) terminal, ZOE is the fastest charging electric vehicle at public charging points since the launch of its first generation.

The product of the labor of more than 30 thousand people from engineering to assembly and sales networks, the New ZOE offers a range of up to 395 kilometers in the WLTP (Globally Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure) cycle and a shorter charging time thanks to a 52 kWh battery that can be charged with direct current (DC). The car, which is a product of Renault Group's experience of more than 10 years in the field of electric mobility, increases driving pleasure with its 80 kW engine; Mod B also includes innovations such as e-shifter, electric parking brake with auto-hold function, wireless charging unit. With almost no need for the driver to use the brake pedal, Mode B allows the vehicle to slow down when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal, while the e-shifter replaces the mechanical gear lever for different driving modes. New ZOE, which offers its users increased safety along with all the innovations it contains, also has many Advanced Driving Ability Systems (ADAS).

In addition to its 100% electric motor, the new ZOE, manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, used 100% recycled synthetic materials, including visible parts in the passenger compartment. The car, which has the largest rear seat area in its class, also offers a large luggage volume of 338 liters to its user.


"The new ZOE will strengthen us in the growing electric vehicle market"

Emphasizing that Renault Group maintains its pioneering position in the field of electric vehicles, Renault MAİS General Manager Berk Çağdaş said:

“ZOE, which is the reference point in the electric vehicle market, holds the title of the best-selling electric car in Europe with more than 84 thousand units in January-November period. We are pleased to introduce the new generation of ZOE, which is one of the first models that come to mind when electric cars are mentioned in our country, to Turkish consumers. The third generation ZOE raises the bar further with features such as a more modern and attractive new face, increased range, technologies that increase driving safety and comfort, unrivaled charging variety, first-class energy efficiency, quality and recycling-oriented interior design. We hope that electric cars, such as the new ZOE, that offer everything the consumer expects from a car, will strengthen our strength in the growing market. "

Characteristic exterior design

In the new ZOE, the soft lines of the previous generation are replaced by a characteristic design that draws attention and offers a larger seating area. The completely redesigned front bumper features fog lights surrounded by chrome details. The new shape of the bumper gives a brand new look to the lower part of the vehicle, with chrome details around the grille and fog lights. New front diffusers improve the vehicle's air flow circulation. This contributes significantly to the aerodynamic characteristics of the New ZOE. The Renault diamond logo surrounded by a blue line successfully conceals the charging socket. The new ZOE's 100% LED headlights feature the eye-catching C-shape of all new Renault models.

The new ZOE offers 6 different color options, including the Bosphorus blue, to its users.

Technologies that advance the user experience

In the new ZOE, the redesigned driving panel, functional console, multimedia system and soft interior material with matte texture contribute to the stylish and comfortable ambience in the vehicle. From the driving aids to the 10-inch driver display, the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and the new Mode B, all systems are designed to make daily driving easier and more enjoyable.

Offering a 10-inch driver display with unrivaled resolution and functionality in its class, the new ZOE also controls the main vehicle-related settings, from various driving aids to the customization of colors on the 7-inch driver display, thanks to a 10-inch touchscreen that extends across the center console.

Quality and recycling oriented interior design

The environmentally friendly nature of the new ZOE goes beyond its 100% electric motor. The car contains 100% recycled synthetic materials, including visible parts in the passenger compartment, such as upholstery made according to recycling principles and parts made from recycled polypropylene. The new ZOE offers upholstery made from 100% recycled fabric. This upholstery fabric is produced from plastic bottles (PET) and fabric scraps (leftovers from cutting new fabrics).

It also meets family needs

Thanks to the small footprint of the powertrain, rear seat passengers in the new ZOE can enjoy the largest rear seat space in its class. 338 liters of luggage and folding seats further increase the carrying capacity. The new ZOE meets all the needs of a family with its living and usage areas.

Unrivaled in charging variety

The new ZOE is equipped with a 395 kWh ZE 52 battery, offering a range of up to 50 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. With the third generation of the car, the vehicle now offers a direct current fast charging option in addition to alternating current charging options that can be used at home or on the road.

Capable of receiving up to 22 kW of power from each AC (alternating current) terminal, ZOE has been the fastest charging electric vehicle at public charging points since the launch of its first generation. The Caméléon charging unit enables ZOE to offer this variety. Instead of using two separate electrical circuits for charging and driving, Renault succeeds in using the same electronic units for both processes, providing flexible charging at low cost.

The new ZOE now has a direct current (DC) designed charge controller. This new and entirely owned Renault charge control unit, mounted in the middle of the battery with an electric powertrain, enables the vehicle to be charged with 50 kW at DC terminals.

First class energy efficiency

In the increased range of the new ZOE, besides the increase in battery capacity of the ZE 50, some optimizations in vehicle design to increase energy efficiency also play a major role. The new ZOE offers one of the best battery capacity / range ratios on the market. Every braking with the new ZOE converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, contributing to charging the battery. The use of a decoupled braking system allows regenerative braking to take place in the most efficient way, unlike a mechanical system equipped with disc brakes, which dissipates energy in the form of heat.

Driving pleasure that doesn't compromise on safety

The electrical architecture of the vehicle has been completely redesigned to include the standard digital instrument panel and many Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS). The 100% LED lighting system offers 75% more brightness than halogen lighting with the same energy consumption.

The new ZOE comes with a new driving mode that hardly needs the driver to use the brake pedal. When mode B is activated, the vehicle decelerates much faster as soon as the driver releases the accelerator pedal. Mod B makes it easier to drive especially in the city or in slow traffic.

While the New ZOE does not have a gearbox and clutch due to the electric motor, there is still a gear lever for selecting reverse gear or switching between different driving modes. The mechanical gear lever has been replaced by an "e-shifter".

The electric parking brake with auto-hold function eliminates the need to activate the parking brake before leaving the vehicle or when taking off on slopes. Thus, driving ergonomics increase. The absence of a parking brake lever takes comfort to a higher level by freeing up additional space in the center console and placing the wireless smartphone charging unit.

In addition to all these, the new ZOE has been enhanced with systems such as (TSR) Traffic Sign Recognition System, (AHL) Automatic High / Dipped Beams feature, (LDW) Lane Tracking System, front & rear parking sensor, reversing camera. It brings safety and driving pleasure together with the user.

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