Metrobus Vehicles Out of Maintenance at Full Capacity

metrobus vehicles at full capacity without maintenance
metrobus vehicles at full capacity without maintenance

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the number of flights in the metrobus increased compared to last year, and the number of passengers fell by half. Except for maintenance and repair, all buses are kept at once.

Official statistics on the public transportation vehicles and metrobus line connected to IETT clearly show that the number of trips increased during the pandemic period.

The news and posts on Sabah Group media organs and social media stating that “metrobus vehicles are kept in garages in the morning” do not reflect the truth. Statistics and camera recordings show the opposite of this information.

There are no buses in the metrobus garages in the morning, except for those found for maintenance and repair. This information was included in the bulletin we shared with the public yesterday.

Some buses are kept in garages as part of the usual routine maintenance and repair work. This can be clearly seen in the camera images we shared at the end of our newsletter.

The number of routine vehicles kept can be understood from the photos shared in the news and social media and added to the end of our newsletter. Buses kept for maintenance in garages are a routine operation since the past, aiming to increase passenger safety and comfort.

There are around 600 vehicles in IETT's metrobus fleet. On Monday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 8, at 08.00:XNUMX in the morning, the number of vehicles in Hasanpaşa and Edirnekapı garages where maintenance and repairs are carried out are as follows;

  • On Monday, the line was served with 532 vehicles, a total of 82 vehicles were kept in garages for maintenance and repair.
  • 557 lines were serviced on Tuesday, 57 vehicles were kept in garages for maintenance and repair.


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On the metrobus line, 528 vehicles were on the voyage actively, based on December. This figure rose to 2020 in November 560. The total number of vehicles in the system is 600. Although the number of trips on the Metrobus line has decreased by half, as in the buses, IETT reduced the passenger density by increasing the number of buses and trips in the system.

In December 2019, an average of 928 thousand passengers were transported per day, while this number dropped to 2020 thousand in November 499. While an average of 2019 thousand 7 trips were made per day in December 155, the number of flights increased by 2020 percent in November 3 to 7 thousand 357. While 2019 passengers were transported per flight in December 130, 2020 passengers were transported per voyage, with a decrease of 48 percent in November 68.

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