Travel Healthy and Safe on Tram Vehicles in Kayseri

Traveling in tram cars in Kayseri is healthy and safe
Traveling in tram cars in Kayseri is healthy and safe

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc., by using a total of 19 thousand 13 liters of disinfectant in the rail system during the Kovid-279 pandemic process, ensures that the travels in the rail system vehicles are "healthy and reliable".

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. continues to invest in the health of citizens during the pandemic period. In this context, tens of thousands of liters of disinfectant were used while disinfection was carried out thousands of times both in tram vehicles and stations.


Transportation Inc. In the Kovid-19 pandemic process, citizens are constantly warned about the measures to be taken in public transportation, while also performing the necessary cleaning and disinfection processes in the vehicles and stations on the rail system. In the said period, 69 rail system vehicles are disinfected 12 thousand 602 times, while each vehicle is disinfected daily. In this context, 2 thousand 171 disinfection processes were also carried out at tram stations.


While the rail system has been disinfected with a total of 19 liters of disinfectant due to Kovid-13, disinfection is carried out every week in all offices, common areas and workshops in the institution. On the other hand, machinist team buildings are also disinfected every day.

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