Highway Comfort on Ordu's Roads

highway comfort to the army's roads
highway comfort to the army's roads

The ongoing asphalt mobilization in Ordu changed the fate of the neighborhood and group roads. In the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, the long-awaited investments for years met with citizens.

Investments in transportation continue in Ordu. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. After the work that started with the instruction of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, many neighborhoods and group roads gained a comfortable structure with high standards. After the investments made in the field of transportation, Gölceğiz-Yüceler group road of Ünye district, which will serve 11 neighborhoods in total, met with the comfort of hot asphalt. Road line works have been completed on the 6.5-kilometer route.

It will serve 11 districts of the university

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that after the road works, Ünye and Fatsa districts also came together with the rural road network. Mayor Güler said, “We have completed our hot asphalt works on Gölceğiz and Yüceler group road, which are connected to Ünye district. This road connects to the Fatsa-Kumru highway, along with Gölceğiz and Yüceler, through our neighborhoods of Kaledibi, Esenkale, Sarıhalil, Yiğitler, Kadılar, Ağıdere and Erenyurt. "We have completed the line works on the road that will serve exactly 11 neighborhoods and put it at the service of our citizens."


Tacettin Kaya, head of Ünye Gölceğiz Neighborhood, who stated that he has been a mukhtar for four terms, said, “Our road serving 11 neighborhoods has reached hot asphalt. We are very happy for 11 neighborhoods. This road has been an exemplary one. Its width and comfort is perfect. This road is a route with a lot of vehicle traffic. Our region was thirsty for these services. On behalf of our neighborhoods, our Metropolitan Mayor, Dr. We thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler. We reached the way we could not even imagine. God bless "he said.


Kadılar Neighborhood Headman, Şener Karakullukçu said, “Due to the construction of this road, especially our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. We would like to thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler, our deputy mayor, Adem Atik, our Mayor of Ünye and everyone who contributed ”.

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