EGİADE Commerce Collaborations Continue

egiadin e commerce collaborations continue
egiadin e commerce collaborations continue

In the period of struggle with Kovid-19, millions of people who obey social distance calls preferred online shopping. While the researches reveal that there are changes in the e-commerce perception of the consumer during the pandemic process, EGİAD, finally came together with the team.

As part of the measures taken to protect against coronavirus, most people turned to e-commerce sites that allow contactless shopping. In this period, the number of SMEs who wanted to start e-commerce increased by 50 percent, while the sales of e-commerce sites increased by 200 percent. In this context, he started a series of seminars in order to prevent his members from being harmed. EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association came together with officials in the third of their e-commerce trainings. The event attended by Aegean Region Sales Manager Burak Boran and Business Partners Training Manager Aykut Baskın EGİAD Giving information about, the virtual shopping platform based on legal entities, Aslan also underlined that e-commerce could be the starting point during the pandemic period. Aslan said, “Today, our orientation towards contactless shopping under pandemic conditions with the revolution in technology and internet world has gradually improved e-commerce. E-commerce has become of great importance for both large companies and medium-sized companies. closed first gym in Turkey, barbers, cafes and entertainment venues as well as the bakery, dükkanlariç furnace was brought from services such limitations. Although small businesses started to be negatively affected by these applications, it is possible to say that the density of businesses providing e-commerce services has increased. In short, at this point, we can say that the coronavirus epidemic is an opportunity for e-commerce companies to increase their revenues if they manage their services correctly. Because during this period, most of the people who stayed in their homes started to make purchases such as clothes, furniture, cosmetics, including grocery needs, on the internet to protect their families and themselves from the danger of coronavirus. With the rise of e-commerce, companies providing e-commerce services continue to rise. "With e-commerce, which shows its importance again during the pandemic process, there will be great increases in the revenues of companies serving in this direction."

Stating that has been working uninterruptedly for years to expand the e-commerce ecosystem, Business Partners Training Manager Aykut Baskın said, “We continue our online trainings in order to prepare our SMEs, which we have included in our open market ecosystem, for the future, and to guide our business partners in their digitalization journey we do. Last year, we organized trainings for 32 business partners in 61 e-commerce training and approximately 8 in online training in 500 cities. This year, we increased the number of our online trainings due to the pandemic. We held online training meetings every weekday throughout 3. In this context, we conducted 500 online trainings and a total of 2020 thousand 344 business partners participated in all of our trainings. "This period has been a period in which we have developed our online training content and scope so that our business partners can take a stronger place in e-commerce." Raids also provide information about the development of e commerce, e-commerce is growing by 41 percent every year in Turkey, while in 311 the growth rate was 30 percent, he noted. Baskın emphasized that with more than 2020 thousand business partners, over 65 million members, and more than 200 million active products, has 20 million unique visitors per month.

EGİAD The e-commerce with its members, the world and share the developments in Turkey the Aegean Regional Sales Manager Burak Bora said, " the Aegean Regional Office as business free store opening our partners, free product photo shoot, use of the platform, increasing sales routes, in order to We support process management, regulations, advertising practices, consumer rights, personal data protection law, product loading on the platform, order management, integration, accounting, logistics and smart products, as well as my n11 invoice and my n11 store, which are developed to reduce the workload of SMEs. -We offer our trading solutions. We endeavor to provide support through face-to-face and online channels in our office located in Izmir.

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