Toyota Yaris, which has been renewed from the beginning to the end, is on the road

completely renewed toyota race is on the road
completely renewed toyota race is on the road

Toyota, the fourth generation of completely renewed Yaris was offered for sale in Turkey market. The new Yaris petrol, which will bring dynamism to its segment with its fun driving, practical use and sporty style, took its place in the showrooms with prices starting from 209.100 TL and the Yaris Hybrid from 299.200 TL. Standing out with its innovative approach since its first generation was introduced in 1999, Yaris is also breaking new ground with its fourth generation. New Yaris built on Toyota's TNGA platform; It is preparing to make a sound with its design language, driving dynamics, technology and safety features.

"Hybrid Product Range Completely Renewed with New Yaris"

Assessments of the new Yaris is presented to the market with the launch of Turkey conducted online that Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Co., Ltd. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt, especially that drew a rapidly growing sales chart in Turkey, especially in Europe said the B segment, said;

toyota yaris

“With Yaris, even the smallest part of which has been renewed from start to finish, we will put forward our claim very strongly in this segment again. New Yaris, which will stand out with its design, equipment, technology, driving pleasure and safety features in this class, will be the driving force of Toyota. Lower fuel consumption and emission values ​​were achieved with the gasoline and hybrid version of Yaris, which was completely renewed.

toyota yaris

Featuring a fourth generation hybrid engine, the New Yaris offers more electric driving opportunities in the city and provides 20 percent less fuel consumption than the previous model. In addition, with the new Yaris Hybrid, our entire hybrid product range has also been completely renewed. This efficiency will provide a great advantage to both our brand and the users who prefer the New Yaris in this highly competitive class.

Booth, they perform about 64 thousand units of the Yaris sales so far in Turkey, by adding the words "new Yaris has 2020 units and our sales target for 400. In 2021, we expect to sell 2100 new Yaris, including gasoline and hybrid, ”he said.

toyota yaris

Innovative Approach

Toyota won the European Car of the Year Award with its first generation Yaris, and with the second generation Yaris, it was the first model in its segment to receive 5 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests. The third generation Yaris stood out with its first hybrid engine used in its segment. The fourth generation Yaris also offers the best safety in its class with the first front mid airbags in its segment and the Anti-Collision System at the Junction. New Yaris, which does not compromise on security, was appreciated at the AUTOBEST Awards and won the SAFETYBEST 2020 award with its high security technologies.

Designed to provide agile driving on busy city roads, Yaris also offers a spacious, comfortable and high-quality cabin inside. With its connection technologies and high hardware levels, it manages to exceed users' expectations. Built on Toyota's TNGA platform, the New Yaris has better dynamics, lower center of gravity and better body strength. Thanks to the TNGA platform, Yaris has a 37 percent stiffer chassis and 12 mm lower center of gravity than its predecessor.

toyota yaris

Toyota introduced the Yaris model with its fourth generation hybrid power unit, resulting in lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. At the same time, Toyota Yaris Hybrid offers longer distances and higher top speeds with its electric motor.

toyota yaris

Design Reflecting Dynamism

The new generation Yaris brings together practicality, agility and a design that appeals to the senses, which has been acquired since the first generation. Featuring an energetic design, the new Yaris has an appearance that is always ready to move. Designed with inspiration from athletes preparing to run and a strong bull ready to launch, Yaris has both a more extraordinary design and a wider indoor living space with the advantages of the new GA-B platform. Although the length of the vehicle was less than 4 meters, more living space was obtained with the increase of the wheelbase by 50 mm.

With the GA-B platform, its height has been reduced by 40 mm, its width has been increased by 50 mm and the track width by 57 mm, reaching a sportier profile. With its overall length reduced by 5 mm, the Yaris has a class-leading turning circle. Yaris, which has an eye-catching style thanks to the more freedom offered by the new platform to the designers, underlines that it is ready for action from every angle with its large and low front grille, LED headlights, LED signals, dynamic rim designs, low roofline and boomerang form that stretches throughout the vehicle.

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Sporty and technology oriented

The cabin of the new Toyota Yaris is designed to combine the dynamic style in the exterior design with a sporty living space inside. Wider and more comfortable seats, soft-textured materials, blue ambient lighting, harmonious lines and technologies increase the attractiveness of the New Yaris.

The driver's cockpit has been designed so that everything is completely under driver control. However, Toyota moved the A-pillar further back and positioned the dashboard lower to further improve the Yaris' view. The distance between the driver and front passenger was increased by 20 mm, bringing the comfort of the cabin forward. In addition, the New Yaris has a depth of 700 mm and a trunk volume of 286 liters.

The 8-inch Toyota Touch multimedia screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connection systems in the new Yaris is standard on all models. In addition, the TFT multi-function display screen and the head-up display reflected on the windscreen enable the driver to easily convey information about the road and driving.

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More power, less consumption

The new Toyota Yaris was offered for sale with 1.5 liter hybrid and 1.5 liter gasoline engine options. Fourth generation Toyota Hybrid technology enables Yaris to perform higher in every respect, being lighter and more efficient. 1.5 Hybrid Dynamic Force system owned by Toyota Yaris; It provides more power, more electric drive than total urban driving and 20 percent less fuel consumption than the previous model.

In the hybrid system used in the new Yaris; It features a three-cylinder 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine with variable valve timing. Developed to suit European roads, Yaris' hybrid system power has increased by 16 percent, reaching 116 HP. Yaris, which can accelerate to 130 km / h only when driving with an electric motor, can use its electric motor more on urban roads. While the CO2 emission in the vehicle was reduced to 86 g / km, the fuel consumption in the WLTP cycle was improved by 20 percent compared to the previous model and measured as 2.8 lt / 100 km.

The 0-100 km / h acceleration of the new Yaris Hybrid was 2.3 seconds, 9.7 seconds improved compared to the previous generation. The acceleration of the vehicle, which provides a more flexible driving, between 80-120 km / h was also improved by 2 seconds and became 8.1 seconds. In addition to the hybrid engine, Yaris can be preferred with its 1.5-liter Dynamic Force gasoline engine. The 125-cylinder engine producing 153 PS power and 3 Nm torque can be preferred with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a W-CVT gearbox.

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Rich equipment in every version

Toyota's new Yaris model will be sold to meet all expectations with its rich standard equipment in Turkey. Yaris Hybrid Dream can be preferred with Flame and Passion hardware levels.

All hardware options of Yaris include wireless smartphone charging feature, rear view camera and 8 inch multimedia screen as standard. In addition, higher equipment options include smart entry system, split leather seats, windshield reflective indicators, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, bi-tone two-color body and black roof options. In the hybrid version of Yaris, Toyota Safety Sense safety technologies are standard. Dream and Flame versions will be preferred for the gasoline version of Yaris. In these versions, it will be possible to purchase Toyota Safety Sense safety technologies with the X-Pack package.

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Safest in Segment B

Together with Yaris, Toyota brings the safest car of its segment to the users. In line with its philosophy of always taking safety forward, Toyota has adapted Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 to the Yaris. The new generation system working with camera and radar system, new features come to the fore. There is a Front Collision Prevention System with pedestrian and bicycle detection, Anti-Collision System at Intersections and Emergency Guidance Support.

The Turn Assist alerts the driver turning left or right if a vehicle is coming from the opposite lane or when a pedestrian crosses the road, and automatically brakes when necessary. In addition, the New Yaris has a Smart Lane Tracking System that operates at speeds between 0-205 km / h and keeps the vehicle in lane by controlling steering. In addition to the driver aids, the new Yaris features front mid-airbags, a first in its segment. With the front center airbag designed to protect the interior from impacts in side collisions and the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense, Yaris once again makes its claim as the safest B segment in the world.

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