Another Node Solved at Acemler Crossroad, the Key Point of Bursa Traffic

Another node was solved at the crossroad of novices, the key point of Bursa traffic
Another node was solved at the crossroad of novices, the key point of Bursa traffic

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented different applications to accelerate the traffic flow at Acemler Junction, which is one of the most important key points of Bursa traffic, increased the number of lanes in the link branch from the Ring Road to İzmir road.

In order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works such as road widening and new roads, promoting public transportation, and optimization of rail system signaling, has commissioned another project that will breathe Acemler, which is one of the nodes of the city traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously added two lanes to the return lane from the Izmir Road to the Ring Road, in Acemler, where there is 180-15 percent more density than the 10th July Martyrs Bridge in Istanbul, where the daily average density is around 12 thousand vehicles, thus, 1000 vehicles per hour its capacity had increased. Now, within the scope of the work carried out in order to prevent the long vehicle queues in the connection from the Ring Road to the İzmir road, especially in the morning and evening during peak hours, the Ring Road İzmir departure direction was increased from 1 lane to 2 lanes. Thus, while avoiding the vehicle queues on the Council of Europe Boulevard, the BUSKI entrance on the road was also closed, eliminating the crossing problem and providing fluidity. The waiting time caused by the queuing at the intersection arm has been minimized, and the travel time of the drivers using the Ring Road has also been shortened.

Investments do not slow down

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that despite the pandemic process in which the whole world was struggling economically, they did not make any concessions especially on transportation investments. Stating that they attach great importance to transportation investments in the last 3 years by saying 'Road is civilization', Mayor Aktaş stated that they have realized 450 kilometers of asphalt, 951 kilometers of surface coating and 13 bridges so far. Mayor Aktaş stated that they are working intensively to reduce the density of the novices, especially in urban traffic, and said, “There is a feverish work in the region in order to eliminate the traffic congestion among the novices. The expansion works and parking lot work related to Hayran Caddesi are continuing. The urban bus and car parking area, established in an area of ​​15 thousand 450 square meters in the south-north east part of the stadium, continues rapidly. We have also completed the extension work in the loop on the BUSKI side. With the increase of the road to two lanes, the density of the vehicles waiting to connect to the İzmir Road from the Ring Road has been removed significantly. "Good luck to Bursa."

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