Mayor Soyer, We Prepared the Constitution of Kültürpark with Common Sense

we prepared the constitution of the president soyer joint akilla kulturpark
we prepared the constitution of the president soyer joint akilla kulturpark

The Development Plan for Conservation, which was prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of protecting Kültürpark, one of the symbols of the city, by developing its natural texture and carrying it to the future in line with its mission in the city memory, was submitted to the approval of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. Within the scope of the plan aiming to enlarge the green areas of the park, Kültürpark's Ecosystem Protection Plan was also prepared. Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We prepared the 'Constitution' of Kültürpark with common sense. When our Municipal Council and relevant boards approve it, the pupil of Izmir will no longer be affected by personal and periodic decisions ”.

The Cultural Park Conservation Development Plan prepared by the Department of Reconstruction and Urban Planning, which was put on the agenda at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, will carry this important symbol of the city to the future with a vision that preserves its historical functions and contains more green areas. An Ecosystem Protection Plan was prepared within the scope of the plan in order to protect and increase the living existence in Kültürpark.

Culture, arts, sports, recreation, entertainment, social facilities and International Fair exhibition area functions will be included in Kültürpark, in addition to the use of green areas, according to the Conservation Development Plan, which takes into account the opinions and demands of relevant professional associations and non-governmental organizations.

Except for the historical gates of Kültürpark, the Ada and Lake casinos and the registered buildings known as the Pakistan Pavilion, and the buildings that are proposed to be protected, the equivalent value will not exceed 5 percent for those to be demolished and rebuilt. In addition, it will be stipulated that the exhibition halls, which currently sit on a 27 thousand square meter base, can be built as 12 thousand square meters at most. An area of ​​15 thousand square meters from the area where the halls are located will be included in the green space ecosystem.

It will be essential to protect and rehabilitate the flora and fauna of the area. In the Urban Design / Landscape Project to be prepared, a bicycle path will also be included.

Kültürpark's Ecosystem Protection Plan is also ready

With the Ecosystem Protection Plan, it is foreseen that the works will progress sensitively and the productions will be planned according to the periodic activity in the fauna in the regions in the park, which are determined as Ecologically Sensitive Areas where bird species are concentrated.

In areas with dense tree texture, which are described as Areas of High Ecological Quality, deep excavations will not be made to prevent damage to tree roots.

Regions where there is no tree texture and only ground cover plants will be handled within the scope of Areas to Increase Ecological Quality and rehabilitated without harming the ecological texture of Kültürpark.

What processes did the plan go through?

In line with the road map determined by the search conference organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer in the first months of his appointment, a series of meetings were held with the participation of non-governmental organizations, mainly related professional chambers. At these meetings, the opinions of the relevant parties on the field were taken and additional analyzes were determined to constitute data for the Conservation Development Plan in line with the demands of the trade associations.
“Kültürpark Flora”, “Culture of Culture Park's Fauna”, “Effects of Kültürpark on Urban Ecosystem” by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Studies and Projects and Department of Parks and Gardens in line with the demands of relevant professional chambers, “Evaluation of the Transport Capacity of Kültürpark”, “Kültürpark Additional reports titled "Building Inventory", "Kültürpark Buildings Architectural Report", "Kültürpark Sculptures", "Kültürpark's Usage-User Profile", "Kültürpark as an Emergency Disaster Gathering Site", Final Report (Risks-Potentials-Suggestions) were prepared.

The reports in question were conveyed to the relevant professional chambers (Architects Chamber, Landscape Architects Chamber, City Planners Room) to be examined and evaluation meetings were held regarding the reports and their requests were taken into consideration. 1/5000 scaled Conservation Master Plan and Plan Report and 1/1000 scaled Conservation Implementation Zoning Plan and Plan Report proposal for Kulturpark within the framework of the opinions and suggestions of non-governmental organizations and trade associations Environment, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, Zoning, He was sent to Education-Culture, Law, Urban Transformation and Fair Commissions. The plan will take its final form after being discussed here and will be submitted to the Municipal Assembly for approval.

Kültürpark identity envisaged with the plan

The basic vision of the Conservation Development Plan and the main objectives accepted as Kültürpark Identity are explained as follows: “From the fire place of İzmir, where the International Fair was established, as an important focus of culture and entertainment life, the people of İzmir and those coming from outside the city have accumulated their memories. Transforming Kültürpark into an important green area and city park with its increasing plant and animal presence, preserving all these historical features from the past to the present, transferring them to the future. Defining the 'People's University' identity, which Behçet Uz dreamed of, under today's information society conditions, as an active learning environment for lifelong education and culture, and at the same time improving the existing flora and fauna. "

"Kültürpark Constitution with common mind"

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that they are following the path of common mind for İzmir's pupil Kültürpark. President Soyer stated that they said “Many sounds, many colors” while they took office and they fulfilled the requirements of this and said “We made the first meeting of common mind for Kültürpark. Everyone spoke their opinion. We withdrew the conservation plan, which was sent to the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board in the previous administration, to make this common sense possible. Our expert staff held meetings with all chambers and related parties. All information and documents were collected for a year, and opinions were received. We did not say 'I did it, it's okay' We reached a point with common sense. This is a historical and natural site. The lung of İzmir, built after the fire, is an attractive botanical garden. Behçet Uz, the unforgettable Mayor of İzmir, who we remember with mercy, said 'let it be a public university' while making this place. For 80 years, IEF has opened its doors here. We want to move forward by respecting and protecting these two identities of Kültürpark. Now our Metropolitan Municipality Council will make a decision, and then it will go to the Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation boards. Thus, Kültürpark's 'Constitution' will emerge. "I think the most important region of Izmir will not be affected by personal and periodic decisions after that stage," he said.

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