National Ship and Yacht Design Competition Award Ceremony Held

award ceremony of national ship and yacht design competition
award ceremony of national ship and yacht design competition

Organized by the Association of Ship Yacht and Services Exporters every year traditionally and organized with the theme of "Electric Ferry Design" for 2020, the "9. National Ship and Yacht Design Competition ”Award Ceremony was held on Thursday, December 24th at Holiday Inn Tuzla Hotel.

Deputy Minister of Trade Rıza Tuna Turagay participated in the ceremony, which was held with a limited number of attendance due to pandemic measures, by video conference method. The ceremony, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Shot, IMEAK Maritime Chamber of Commerce Chairman Tamer Kiran, IMEAK Sea Chamber of Commerce President Salih Zeki Cakir, TIM vice president and IMEAK DTO Board Member Basaran Flag Ship Engineers Chamber Board Chairman Salih Bostancı, Türk Loydu Chairman of the Board Cem Melikoğlu and sector representatives attended.

The ceremony started with the opening speech of Cem Seven, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Ship Yachts and Services Exporters.

Tamer Kıran, Chairman of the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, in his speech at the ceremony, said that the sea and maritime brought many firsts to humanity. kazanHe noted that the discoveries came from the seas, that many technologies that make life easier today first emerged with the needs of the sailors or were first used on ships.

Tamer Kıran stated that with the emergence of 21st century technologies and ideas, it has become imperative to adopt and implement technological transformation in the maritime sector in order to provide a faster, more efficient and sustainable trade service in which the ocean environment is protected. He said that "electric", "hybrid", "remotely controlled", "unmanned" ships are being worked on that will eliminate the factor to a great extent.

"Design Competition Deserves All Kinds of Praise"

Tamer Kıran stated that he considers the selection of "Electric Ferry Design" as the subject of the contest, which was held for the 9th time this year, very important in terms of meeting the current needs of our country.

“The aspects of the competition, such as its contribution to the development of the sector, its function of generating competitive solutions, and its leadership in the development of products that can have a say in the future ships and marine vehicles market are undoubtedly important. In addition, the 'National Ship and Yacht Design Competition' mainly emphasizes the importance of design for the sector and encourages the idea of ​​design, bringing together young dynamic designers who are interested in the sector within the sector and contributing to education by encouraging creative learning. deserves praise. "

Tamer Kıran congratulated all those who contributed to the successful realization of the "National Ship and Yacht Design Competition", all the young participants and the winners.

Yıldız Technical University (YTU) students Alperen Kılıç, Onur Kiren and Oğuzhan Kıt won the competition with the project named "Orkoz".

YTU students Sare Nur Nakkaya, Alihan Uzun, Onurcan Baytok came second with their project named “Akana”, while the third place was shared by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students Oğuzhan Hümmet, Ahmet Akülkü, Kemal Furkan Öztürk and Bekir Kurt with the design named “Breathe”.

Tamer Kıran, second prize kazanYTU students Sare Nur Çubukkaya, Alihan Uzun and Onurcan Baytok presented their awards.

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