Ankara Büyükşehir Produced Its Own Guide Line Machine

ankara buyuksehir produced its own guiding line machine
ankara buyuksehir produced its own guiding line machine

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to contribute to the development of domestic production with the machinery and equipment it has designed with its own means. Developed by the employees of the Department of Science, the guide line machine turns flat floors into tangible surfaces in a short time for visually impaired citizens to walk comfortably. In this way, the Metropolitan Municipality also saves money by producing its own machine.

Metropolitan Municipality, which supports projects that will contribute to the development of domestic production in the capital, has recently signed exemplary works that will contribute to domestic production.

The Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, which designed a guide line machine that facilitates the lives of disabled citizens, realized a first in the world and produced its own machine.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has added a new one to the projects where a significant amount of savings has been achieved, has contributed to its budget by developing a guide line machine for the visually impaired to walk more easily in public spaces.

The guide line machine, which was produced by the teams of the Department of Technical Affairs Pavement Construction and Maintenance and Repair Branch Directorate in the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone in cooperation with a private company and using local resources, started to be used on the streets of Başkent.


Developed to facilitate the lives of visually impaired citizens and help them to walk more comfortably in public spaces, the machine makes flat floors embossed and felt in a very short time.

The machine, which can be used on all kinds of grounds such as concrete, asphalt, granite and andesite, provides 5 to 20 times cheaper production compared to conventional methods. Used by 2 employees, the machine turns a 1,5 meters long road into a tangible guideway in 100 hours.

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