What Should Those Who Want To Go Abroad With Their Pets?

What you should do before taking your pet abroad
What you should do before taking your pet abroad

After long-term planning, you have made the necessary preparations to stay abroad for a certain period of time or to live for a long time. In such a case, it is impossible to leave behind your little friend with whom you share the same house. Of course you will also take it with you. However, there are many points you need to organize when moving abroad with your pet.

Once your departure is finalized, start taking care of your friend's transactions. Thus, you will easily complete all the procedures before the last minute. In order to help you, we will explain the stages of transporting pets abroad under EU conditions in our article.

So, "How can you take pets abroad?" Let's start to answer the question!

Issue EU Compliant Pet Passport
In order to start the international departure process, first make sure that all of your friend's vaccinations have been made completely. For this, you need to have your pet's vaccination card with you. Since the pet passport shows your friend's diseases and vaccinations up to that time, if you have the "vaccination record", then the passport is also ok.

2. Don't Forget to Install Microchips
Do not neglect the microchip insertion process on your little friend, because this procedure is applied within the scope of the Rabies Titration Test under EU conditions. Your little friend will not be accepted into the country until 3 months after the result of this test is received. For this reason, go to a veterinarian at least 4-5 months before going abroad, have rabies vaccine and chip. There is such an application because it takes a certain time for the vaccine to produce sufficient antibodies.

Do not worry; Inserting chips under the skin is an extremely easy and painless procedure. Your friend is registered to you with the barcode number provided with this process. Therefore, you can stick it on the pet passport to avoid losing the barcode number.

3.Initiate Pet Travel Procedures
To be cautious, start your travel process one week before departure. For this, first go to your veterinarian and tell your little friend that you want to go abroad. After informing the veterinarian about pet passport, chip and rabies vaccine, a small tube of blood will be taken from your pet for the Rabies Titration Test. A certain fee is paid for this and this fee may vary from veterinarian to veterinarian.

Before this process, you also need to pay a fee to the Veterinary Control Center Research Institute of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. With your receipt, you can go to the veterinarian and have the procedure done quickly. After this process, the veterinarian completes the form to be filled and sends the photocopy of the pet passport and blood sample to the testing institution. About a week later, the result comes to the vet and your 3-month waiting period begins. Remember; Keeping this result will be useful for your travels abroad.

4. Complete Final Transactions
On or after the end of three months, go to the Provincial or District Directorate of Agriculture with your documents (test result and passport) and your little friend to check if the chip is working. Then, pay the requested fee by filling out the form where you will give your information and your pet's information. Then, if there is no problem, a report will be prepared that you can go abroad. However, within 10 days after your pet is required to exit from Turkey. For this reason, you should have these procedures done at most 10 days before your travel date.

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