Snow Teams Keep Kartepe Peak Road Open

Snow teams keep the Kartepe summit road open all the time
Snow teams keep the Kartepe summit road open all the time

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Snow Teams carried out road paving and salting works on the Kartepe summit road, the important tourism center of our city, with the snowfall that showed its effect as of last night. The teams carry out snow clearing and salting work all night long so that the snow does not create icing on the road and cause slippage. The road safety of the vehicles is ensured with the work done.


The Metropolitan Municipality's anti-snow teams continue their snow plowing and salting works in order not to block the roads and prevent slipping and icing on the roads. Salt is kept ready to use at the Metropolitan Municipality salt storage construction site. On the way to Kartepe summit, the teams waiting for a continent keep the road open with salting and plowing works.


On the way to the summit, teams of the Department of Science Affairs struggled with the snow all night. By using salting truck, grader, and jcb bucket in the studies, the problems that may be experienced on the roads were prevented.

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