Samsun Urban Transformation and Infrastructure Investments Opening and Groundbreaking Ceremony

Samsun urban transformation and infrastructure investments, emergency and groundbreaking ceremony was made
Samsun urban transformation and infrastructure investments, emergency and groundbreaking ceremony was made

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum attended Samsun Urban Transformation and Infrastructure Investments Opening and Groundbreaking Ceremony. We are living a historic day today in Samsun, said Minister Institutions, "our new investment, more than once with our new project Samsun 'Towards 2023 Strong City Strong Turkey' call." said.

In his speech at the Urban Transformation and Infrastructure Investments Opening and Groundbreaking Ceremony in Samsun, the Minister Institution stated that they are at the entrance gate of the Black Sea in a blessed town that is the title of independence and future.

We Moved Samsun to a Different Location

They laid the foundation of today, the value of urban renewal and infrastructure projects that will inaugurate 1 billion 900 million pounds Authority pointed out that, the better to invest in Samsun and Turkey wished to be auspicious.

With new investments and new projects, Kurum said, "Strong cities, strong Turkey towards 81," once again from Samsun, as in 2023 provinces, said: kazanwe nagged. With countless investments we have made, from education to health, from agriculture to transportation, from tourism to trade, environment and urban planning, we have moved Samsun to a completely different position compared to 19 years ago, and made it a completely different city. As the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we realized 30 billion 9 million liras of the 211 billion-dollar investment with the projects we will hold the ceremonies of today.” used the phrase.

"We Are Transforming 300 Million Houses In 5 Years Up To 1,5 Thousand Every Year"

Emphasizing that they never hold back in the urban transformation works, which are the guarantee of the future of cities, Kurum said, “We did not leave the promise of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, when he started urban transformation in 2012, 'Whatever the cost' We have achieved the transformation of 1,5 million houses together with our deputies, mayors and citizens. 'Turkey's urban transformation all over' call. We are working hard to transform 300 million houses in 5 years, 1,5 thousand every year. " he spoke.

"Our Priority in Samsun is Urban Transformation"

Stating that they have taken very important steps in urban transformation in 81 provinces with the goals they have set, the institution said: “Currently, our 272 social housing, urban transformation and earthquake transformation houses are on the rise. In this context, our priority in Samsun is undoubtedly urban transformation, earthquake transformation. In this context, we are speeding up our transformation efforts in Atakum, Vezirköprü, Tekkeköy and Çarşamba districts, as in Canik and İlkadım. We are holding the groundbreaking ceremony of our urban transformation project, which has an investment value of 261 million TL, in this area in Canik. I hope that in this area, we are building a total of 280 residences and 30 commercial units, 487 2 + 1, 189 3 + 1, consisting of 676 blocks, by Emlak Konut. We have an urbanism understanding that brings together the past and the future, blends green and building, and integrates people and the city. "

"The Projects Are Made According to the Horizontal Architecture"

Noting that they designed the projects in accordance with the horizontal architecture and colors of the Black Sea region, Kurum said, “We will use all our residences we built here as reserve buildings for the urban transformation of our abandoned buildings in Samsun. Our project area has an important location with its location on the main transportation axes and its proximity to the city center. I wholeheartedly believe that the residential, commercial and park areas here will add value to Samsun and its surroundings. Here, too, we will produce 430 residences and 1404 commercial units with a total investment value of 37 million TL by TOKI. We will give 130 of our residences to the beneficiaries. We will use the remaining 1274 houses as reserve residences in urban transformation projects. Good luck already. " he spoke.

Stating that they started the works of İlkadım Toybelen Industrial Site, which will include 930 shops with an investment value of 1526 million TL and 82 commercial units, which they made a tender last month, the Institution said that they will complete this by the middle of 2022 and offer it to the service of industrial tradesmen from Samsun.

Samsun 4 Nation Garden

Minister Kurum emphasized that they are members of a record-breaking movement in green space under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and continued as follows:
“We are continuing our work rapidly with the goal of making a nation garden on 81 million square meters of land in 81 provinces. So far, we have put our 35 nation garden at the service of our citizens. Our work continues on our 237 projects. We have a 929-nation garden project in Samsun with a total size of 4 thousand square meters. In June, we opened the national garden, which we built in place of the Old 19 Mayıs Stadium, which is the witness of our Samsunspor's victories. In order to add green to the green of Samsun, we will now complete our nation gardens in Canik, Çarşamba and Bafra quickly and offer them to your benefit.

Following the speech, the Minister Institution laid the foundations of investments in Samsun.

Within the scope of the Samsun visit, the Minister Institution made examinations in the urban transformation areas in Soğuksu and Canikli Neighborhoods. Minister Kurum also visited the Samsun Public Garden, cycling with AK Party Deputy Chairman Çiğdem Karaaslan, Samsun Governor Zülkif Dağlı and some protocol members. Here with citizens and children sohbet The Institution gave the bicycle that he was riding as a gift to a girl.

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