President Demir: SAMULAŞ's Decision to Strike Surprised Us

President Demir Samulasin the strike decision surprised us
President Demir Samulasin the strike decision surprised us

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, in his speech at the December Assembly Meeting, touched upon the strike decision taken by the workers at SAMULAŞ and informed the council members about the details of the offer. Stating that they did not find the strike decision correct, Mayor Demir said, “We have to think about our colleagues before the union. We are responsible for them. "We will not cause disappointment about inflation and livelihoods."

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council's December Opening Meeting was held in Ömer Halisdemir Hall. 27 items were discussed at the meeting chaired by Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir. With the start of the pandemic process in Samsun, under the leadership of the Governorship, all institutions and organizations, the Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities, healthcare professionals, police forces, non-governmental organizations, business world, council members and all citizens are striving to pass this process in the best way. President Demir said, “Because Samsun is the center of the region, human mobility is very high. Especially the transition to the Black Sea and the point of 4 transportation arteries. Recently, pandemic cases have increased as a result of the summer period, Eid al-Adha, Feast of Sacrifice, wedding traffic, and family visits indoors. We are doing our best with the support of our people at the point of implementation of the measures. It's an important process. We want our patient numbers to decrease rapidly. We all have a responsibility in this. I wish God's mercy to our citizens who lost their lives and my condolences to their relatives and families ”. President Demir emphasized the importance of masks, social distance and cleanliness and asked everyone to be diligent in fulfilling their responsibility in this regard.


“We are following illegal construction. We want our district municipalities not to allow unlicensed construction, ”said Mayor Demir, who continued his words and said,“ If the start has been made, we want it to be demolished. We maintain our sensitivity in this regard. As a result of our determinations, illegal buildings will be demolished within 3 months. If we are lacking in structuring, let's work together and complete it. Otherwise, let's not allow illegal construction. We have 60 percent building stock that needs to be demolished and rebuilt from Canik to Cedit. We cannot add additional illegal construction on this. We know the sensitivity in this regard. We must fight together with the coordination of the metropolitan-district municipality ”.

Mayor Mustafa Demir expressed his condolences to his family once again, stating that they will give the name of the 3.5-kilometer 23 Nisan Street in Tekkeköy district of Cemal Yeşilyurt, a business person who recently passed away.

Mentioning the strike decision in SAMULAŞ and giving information to the council members, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We have done the necessary work on this. In fact, we were surprised at the strike decision. Because we had agreed. Such a decision was made at the last moment. The summary of our offer is this; Currently, the wage of cleaning workers without collective agreement is 2 thousand 730 TL. With the amount we have reached agreement, this figure rises to 3 thousand 223 TL. For the first 6 months. The increase is 14.94 percent. While the driver gets 3 thousand 706 TL, it increases to 4 thousand 125 TL after a six-month increase. The 6-month increase is 545 lira 39 cents. The money received by the machinists is now 3 thousand 909 TL. With an increase of 6 months, it increases to 4 thousand 342 liras. The increase is 10.57 percent. Now, the lowest wage in technicians will be 3 thousand 402 TL, 3 thousand 816 TL. 11.58 percent. We projected an increase of 6 percent on top of the increased salary for the second 8.05 months, 6 percent for the third 9.26 months, and 6 percent for the fourth 8.63 months. We have reached an agreement. These friends are given an annual 40 daily bonus. The union insisted on 52 wages. It is not possible for us to give this. Financial portrait of SAMULAŞ is clear. It makes 30 million TL loss annually. The reason for their decision to strike is wages. It is not possible for us to give anything extra on this subject. We have to think about our colleagues before the union. We are responsible for them. We do not cause disappointment about inflation and livelihoods. But this is an unnecessary strike decision. We watch the process. We hope that the union will withdraw from this decision. If such a process is to be achieved, we, as SAMULAŞ management, will use our legal rights to the full ”.

"The union has a legal right, but during the pandemic process, SAMULAŞ's income has fallen by 70 percent, but it was not good to take such a decision," said Mayor Demir, "We do not find it right. There is no point in disturbing our colleagues unfairly. In the event that such a decision is implemented, we will not do our best to make our people suffer in tram and bus transportation. There is an attempt to create the perception that the strike was caused by the SAMULAŞ administration. "This is not the case," he said.

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