Kömürcü Gaziray Describes the Latest Status of the Suburban Line

Kömürcü Explained the Latest Status of GAZIRAY Suburban Line
Kömürcü Explained the Latest Status of GAZIRAY Suburban Line

The 1st composition of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality December Assembly Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mayor Fatma Şahin. During the meeting, Gaziray Suburban Line, which will ease the transportation of the city to a great extent, was put under focus. Hasan Kömürcü, Head of Gaziantep Transportation and Rail Systems Department, made a presentation about the latest situation in the project, shared up-to-date information and informed the council members.

We Are Writing Our Own Success Story

Continuing his speech with his evaluations about the Gaziray Suburban Project, Mayor Fatma Şahin said that when we looked at Gaziray Project, we always watched the stories of others, and now we are writing our own success story. Strength arises from unity. There is mercy together. What we call the Gaziantep Model is a model of doing business together. That's why I am grateful to everyone who contributed. We have a strong leadership standing behind us ”.

 Latest Status of GAZIRAY Commuter Line

Hasan Kömürcü, Head of the Transportation and Rail Systems Department, explained the latest situation of the Gaziray Line, which is approaching its construction to solve the transportation problem in the city. He evaluated the last point reached on cut and cover routes. Kömürcü said that 5 underpasses, 5 overpasses and 1 state railway bridge were built at the points where the roads in the zoning plan intersect with the Gaziray line, and 2 overpass bridges will be built. Kömürcü continued: “Public transportation is a very important parameter for our city. About 5 years ago, we planned transportation in the city. We explain how public transportation will be in the coming years with the Gaziray project. Gaziray will meet the transportation needs of a very large part of the city, such as 3 neighborhoods, starting from the Organized 38rd District and stopping at the city center. Continuing to the Oduncular Site 24,5 Mileage on line 16 stations12 of them have been completed. Construction works of 4 of them are continuing. "

 Gaziray Suburban Line Map

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