New Automotive Logistics Service from GEFCO Turkey

GEFCO new automotive logistics services from turkiyede
GEFCO new automotive logistics services from turkiyede

Global multimodal supply chain expert and a leader in the automotive logistics provider in Europe GEFCO Turkey is implementing an TRANSANADOL services in order to meet an important need in the automobile logistics to life.

Developed to support the intense sales demands of automotive brands, with TRANSANADOLU, GEFCO offers door-to-door logistics services to dealers by transporting the cars it receives from vehicle stockpiles from Izmit to Ankara and Mersin with GEFCO wagons.

Within the scope of TRANSANADOLU service, cars taken from GEFCO or company stockpiles in Izmit are delivered to the address in Ankara within two days. Three times a week are organized to Ankara. On the other hand, with the flights from Izmit to Mersin every two weeks, door-to-door delivery is made to the relevant dealer address within five days.

GEFCO In this process, bookings for large automotive suppliers and automotive customers located in Turkey, pre and post delivery services, will offer services such as document management and insurance. Semi-closed, double-deck, automobile carrier GEFCO wagons will safely transport cars with a hydraulic custom-made ramp system. On each TRANSANADOLU railway expedition, 40 vehicle carriers will be withdrawn from the road traffic and contribute to the relief of the traffic. GEFCO's new service has the capacity to transport 690 cars per week to Ankara and 230 cars to Izmir and Mersin in two weeks.

GEFCO on the subject of Turkey Sales and Marketing Director Birol Khan, "Covidien-19 to reduce the negative impact on the logistics sector of the pandemic and the supply chain to flow seamlessly behalf, we continue to deliver successful operations. TRANSANADOL by offering comprehensive door to door shipping and tracking services for auto dealers, our automotive customers in Turkey, procurement capacity without experiencing problems, we offer a significant contribution to the acceleration of business processes. " said.

In the first stage, the TRANSANADOLU service is planned to take three months. If the logistics demands in the region increase, the service period can be extended.

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