Flash Explanation About AÖF Midterm Exams! Anadolu University Fall Term Exams Cancellation

Flash explanation about midterm exams Anatolian University cancel fall term exams
Flash explanation about midterm exams Anatolian University cancel fall term exams

Anadolu University made a critical statement regarding the cancellation of the Fall term midterm exams of the Open Education Faculty held on December 12,13,14, 2020, XNUMX, XNUMX. Upon cheating in AÖF exams held online due to the epidemic, the exams of the students detected in the exams of the Faculty of Economics and Business were canceled. Here is the explanation regarding the cancellation of AÖF exams ...

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, AÖF exams were held on the internet. In order to prevent information sharing in online exams, a special system was established by the university for virtual copy detection. After cheating in the exams of the Open Education Faculty of Economics and Business, Anadolu University made a statement that closely interested thousands of students on the subject. It was announced that the exams of AÖF students who were found not to comply with the exam rules would be canceled. After this announcement, students who attend the 1st and 5th semester exams and are enrolled in AÖF are investigating which rules are not followed and how the exams will be canceled. The measurement and evaluation process of the Open Education Faculty midterm exams continues. Here are the details of the cancellation of the exam.


In the announcement conveyed to students by Anadolu University, it was announced that the course of 892 people who violated the exam rules on social media and other platforms will be considered invalid.

It was announced that during the fall semester midterm exams of AÖF, held on the internet, they cheated with group speech applications such as telegram and zoom. It was announced in the announcement that Anadolu University established a special system to prevent virtual copy attempts. In the statement, it was stated that the course of 892 students was deemed invalid and the evaluations of the students who took the exam continue.


Anadolu University 2020-2021 academic year fall semester exams are held online in two groups. 12,13,14st and 1th semesters were held on 5 December. The 19rd, 2th and 3th semester exams will be held in the second examination process, which will start on December 5. Here are the 7-2020 exam dates according to the exam schedule announced by the university;

AOF Midterm Exam Dates


Some students expressed their victimization on their social media accounts due to the internet traffic on December 13. Anadolu University made a statement on the subject and gave students the right to take additional exams. Here is the statement made;

In the statement, which stated that students whose victimization were determined through the system were also given the right to enter the exam, said, “During the 2020-2021 Fall Semester online midterm exams, there was a temporary density on internet servers throughout our country on Sunday, December 13 at noon. In the exams of the courses with access problems due to the density, students are given the right to take 3 exams and additional exams.

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