BTS: 'China train' reported to hit the road on Friday is not the same as the train to China

BTS is not the same as the gin train that it set out on Friday and the train to gin
BTS is not the same as the gin train that it set out on Friday and the train to gin

The United Transport Workers Union made a statement about the train trying to be sent from Istanbul to China, and said that the train shown at the ceremony and the train going to China is not the same.

The statement that the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) wanted to make at the BTS Istanbul Branch No.1 building about the train that was sent from Istanbul to China and returned to China was blocked.

BTS members who wanted to make a statement in front of the union room inside Haydarpaşa Station were blocked by the police saying, “You cannot make a press statement at the public building”, and press members were not allowed to enter the branch building. Union representatives on this Kadıköy A press release was held in Iskele Square.

Speak the press release by BTS;

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and Our People Continue to be Deceived!

Friday, 04 December 2020 ÇerkezköyThe "bonded" freight train from China to China was set off. This freight train was sent off at 14.00:XNUMX on the same day from Istanbul Kazlıçeşme Station with the slogan "Our first export train is on its way to China" and with ceremonies.

But first of all ÇerkezköyThis train, departing from, traveled approximately 160 km in total and reached Istanbul Maltepe, and then collected all the flags and banners on it. Halkalıto and from there Çerkezköywas sent BACK to. In other words, the freight train, which was sent to China with a ceremony, instead of going to China, 160 km back to Tekirdağ /ÇerkezköyIt was brought to.

After this scandal was reflected in the press and social media, TCDD Tasimacilik AS made a very unfortunate statement on the social media on Saturday, December 05, 2020, which insulted the employees and the public.

In this statement; For customs clearance "just before departure" and additional requests from China Halkalı'has been to. " He made a contradictory and unrealistic statement.

First of all, it should be noted that; Çerkezköyof a train coming to Maltepe, passing through Kazlıçeşme and Marmaray tube tunnels, Halkalıto, then ÇerkezköyReturning back to Turkey is not to "stop by", but to go back 160 km. Taşımacılık A.Ş.'s “HalkalıThe declaration of "was hit" is unrealistic and intended to mislead the public.

To mislead the Minister of Transport and show the "train motion disk" with unreal information, using the expression "before setting off" for a train that has traveled 160 km to Maltepe and set off is to play with the mind of the public and the Minister of Transport. is to mislead!

In our history of railways, after any train set off, a ceremony was held with the participation of the Minister of Transport, the general manager of the company that monopolized the privatized logistics sector, the General Manager of the TCDD, the General Manager of Taşımacılık AŞ and other bureaucrats, and after 160 km left, it was said "sorry" and 160 km back. not returned.

It is unfortunately tragic-funny to give misleading information that suddenly an "urgent" request came from the People's Republic of China for a train that set off with a ceremony and traveled 160 kilometers in total. All this is both to ridicule the minds of the people, and openly and even to cause damage to the railways. This statement is also a criminal complaint.

In no railway literature, a train claimed to be "bonded" is not shipped without customs clearance, this is a rule violation. However, as a justification for 160 km to come, 160 km to be taken back again, that is to travel 320 km for nothing; Showing "customs clearance" is far from serious. In addition, the customs clearance of the original China Train, which was rushed out on Sunday, Halkalı or Tekirdag ÇerkezköyIt was built in Kocaeli Köseköy Station, not in. In other words, another statement of Taşımalık AŞ turned out to be unreal.

Why did TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ take the train from Maltepe again for such false statements and grounds that are far from serious. ÇerkezköyHe still cannot explain that he was taken back to.

Transport Minister has been deceived and still deceived

We know that the freight containers in the wagons of the train, which was launched on Friday as "sent to China", were not going to China. Just to make an opening for the Minister of Transport, this train was put on the voyage, and a train was formed by connecting freight container wagons to different destinations. This train was not a Chinese train!

In fact, the freight train to China was not ready!

TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ continues to mislead the public in this regard. The wagon loading dates of the train departed and sent on Friday are different from the dates of the train leaving for China on Sunday. Because, when the subject was reflected in the press, these uploads were quickly completed.

TCDD Tasimacilik AS unconsciously admitted this difference by sharing 2 separate train pictures of Friday and Sunday. Because all the containers in the train series have changed and it is possible to understand this from the photos they shared! In other words, the load and destination of the train departing on Sunday and the load and destination of the train departing for the ceremony for show on Friday are different.

For the sake of a show, the people of Istanbul were victimized!

For a train that was not ready yet, an imaginary train was invented so that a “for some reason unknown” ceremony would be held and the minister would be opened and thus the people of Istanbul were victimized. Just for the sake of this show While passing through the Marmaray tube tunnel, 9 Marmaray trains were canceled, 10 Marmaray trains were shortened, 9 Marmaray trains were delayed for a total of 92 minutes. In a big metropolis like Istanbul, the people have been victimized due to these delays created for the sake of the show, and the right to transport has been interrupted.

During the pandemic period, social distance rules have disappeared due to train cancellations and delays in Marmaray.

The result of this show, which is held in a situation where social distance and capacity limitations are imposed, the disease is at its peak and hours before the curfews begin in public transportation; "They are big crowds accumulating at the stations due to the delays experienced!" Since these delays significantly increase the number of passengers waiting at the stations or traveling on the train and there is no social distance left, the health of the public is visibly endangered.

Putting on a "made-up train" expedition for the sake of the show just because the minister will open is not to think about the interests of the country.

If the bureaucrats of Taşımacılık AŞ and TCDD General Directorate really thought about the interests of this country, they deceived the Minister of Transport and said "follow the train" for a demonstration ceremony.durmazlar“, They would not damage the railways and they would not persecute the people of Istanbul because of this show. The truth is obvious, the train that the Minister of Transport sent off with showing a disc on Friday was a trend that did not go to China and was just made up for the ceremony and was returned from Maltepe after the ceremony.

Telling thousands of people, that is, the public as "traitor" by talking about the public's favor, is both very bad, hatred and hate speech, and contrary to state manners.

As our people understand and realize; For the sake of political shows, fictitious works are carried out, these works are presented to the public with ceremonies and the public is wanted to be deceived. Making statements to deceive all the public, especially the minister, just to look cute to the Minister of Transport, and then calling people "traitors" when the facts come out is a crime in the criminal sense as well as a result of the psychology of guilt!

The managers of Taşımacılık AŞ are obliged to make declarations in accordance with state manners. The executives who acted otherwise, committed crimes with these ugly and insulting statements, and seriously reduced the seriousness of the institution in public.

They should admit that Taşımacılık AŞ made mistakes on Friday, that they "made up the train" for the ceremony, that the main train was on its way on Sunday due to public pressure, that the announcement they made to the public on Saturday night on social media does not reflect the truth, they should apologize to the whole public and withdraw their statements.

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