Stomach Cancer Increases As Western Diet Increases

As the western diet increases, so does stomach cancer
As the western diet increases, so does stomach cancer

Quiet and progressive gastric cancer without symptoms for many years, is among the most common types of cancer in Turkey. Referring to the data prepared by the Ministry of Health on stomach cancer recently, Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Dr. Genghis Pata, clinical protocol data according to the fifth most common cancer in men in Turkey stomach, while the women was an important warning stating that a sixth type of cancer.

Stomach cancer is most common in far eastern countries such as Japan and China. It is stated that the incidence in European countries and the USA is around 100-12 per 15 thousand. Prepared clinical protocol, it was noted that 100 thousand people in Turkey with 14.2 located at moderate risk of gastric cancer in the group. On the other hand, among all cancers, it was seen that stomach cancer ranked fifth with 5,8 percent in men, and sixth in women with 3,7 percent.


It was pointed out that the most important step in preventing stomach cancer is the prevention of unhealthy nutrition, and it was pointed out that the incidence of stomach cancer increased in direct proportion to the increase in obesity. For this reason, Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Professor, who warned that weight control combined with Mediterranean type nutrition can reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Dr. Cengiz Pata continued his words as follows: “Unfortunately, in recent years, we have been in the first place among European countries in obesity. We need to get ahead of this as soon as possible. On the other hand, Western diet can also lead to an increase in stomach cancer. Especially frozen foods and fast food are very dangerous in this sense. Foods containing excessive salt, such as salted, pickled or pickled; It is seen that cooking meats over a direct fire such as barbecue and barbecue and frequent consumption of large amounts of processed meat and meat products increase the risk of stomach cancer.


Yeditepe University Hospital Gastroenterology specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Pata: “With the report published by the World Health Organization in 1994, helicobacter pylori was listed among the most important causes of stomach cancer. Helicobacter pylori can only survive in the human stomach. The stomach acid kills all bacteria, but it can live in that acidic environment by secreting some enzymes. Helkobakter pylori is not transmitted from food or drink. It is transmitted from person to person. Mother-to-child transmission is one of the most common ways. It can live quietly in the stomach for many years. He said that years later, it can come together with other factors in the body and cause cancer in parallel with gastritis, ulcer or tissue change.

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